Heritage Weekend 2015

Welcome to the Heritage Scholarship Competition 2015!

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Next Step: All Items (Resume, Essay, Video and Deposits) are due by January 13th at Midnight Central Time.


The Heritage Scholarship competition is designed to find students who will make an academic, spiritual, and personal impact on our campus from orientation through graduation and beyond. This “invitation only” event brings together the top students from all over the globe to LeTourneau University's Longview campus for a time of fun and competition.

The requirements to be invited to Heritage vary by the school at LeTourneau, but we are looking in the range of a 3.6+ GPA, and a score of  28+ composite on the ACT or 1260+ (critical reading plus math) on the SAT. Every year students come and compete for one of these prestigious Heritage Scholarships. The value of a Heritage Scholarship is more than $100,000 (over four years).

The 2015 Heritage Competition will be held January 23-24, 2015 in Longview, TX. Students must be present to compete.


Questions? Contact:

Carl Arnold

Executive Director for Enrollment Services,
Heritage Coordinator