Master of Science in Engineering Degree

As an extension of LeTourneau University’s engineering heritage, students can now earn a Master of Science in Engineering with an additional year of study past the Bachelor of Science degree. The combined BS/MS degree is aimed at students interested in careers based on deeper theory or furthering their education to doctoral degrees. The accelerated track curriculum is made possible by taking dual-level courses (undergraduate/graduate) during the senior year and early involvement in applied research leading toward a thesis.


LETU’s Master of Science in Engineering is a research-thesis based MS degree.

  • Degree requirements consist of 30 hours, including 6 hours of thesis work.
  • Course work may include math, computer science and even business coursework.
  • Curriculum is broad and flexible, but you’ll have the ability to specialize in a particular area of research.

Students can build upon any of our undergraduate engineering concentrations, with MS specialties in biomedical, civil, electrical, materials joining or mechanical. In fact, LETU freshmen can plan to complete both the BS and MS degrees in just five years.


If you are considering entering or transferring to LETU for the combined undergraduate and graduate program, please contact Carl Arnold in the Undergraduate Admissions Office to get more information ( or (800) 759-8811, ext. 4320).

If you already have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in a master’s degree in engineering from LeTourneau University, click here to learn more or call 1-866-430-LETU.


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