What Sets Us Apart

Our students aren't just reading textbooks in classrooms. They are out in the world attending conferences, putting their studies into practice and learning from professionals in the field. Of course, they have to hit the books sometimes, but with our incredible faculty investing in their lives, it doesn't seem so bad.

Teacher Education

LeTourneau University prides itself in graduating teachers not only ready for the classroom but also excelling by state standards. Here are some of the accomplishments our student teachers have achieved and the recognition received for their hard work and love for students.

Student Teacher/ Intern Awards

  • Christian Driver - 2013 Texas Student Teacher of the Year
  • Matthew Bradley - 2011 Texas Student Teacher of the Year
  • Nikita Murphey - 2010 TEA Intern of the Year
  • Laurie Taylor - 2006 TEA Intern of the Year
  • Breanna Sellers-Hurd - 2001 TDFE Student Teacher of the Year

Rookie Teacher of the Year

  • Stephanie "Bush" Majors - 2010-2011, Eickenroht Elementary - Spring ISD
  • Mat McLauchlin - 2010-2011, Poteet High School - Mesquite ISD

Part of finishing Teacher Education is being sure to pass the state qualifying certification exams. Our student teachers have been able to pass these certifications with flying colors, which in turn provide jobs in the classroom.

Pass Rate for State Certification Exams

  • 2011-2012 - 100%
  • 2010-2011 - 97%
  • 2009-2010 - 98% 


Being a LeTourneau student opens up a plethora of ministry doors to walk through. When these doors open for psychology students, they are able to see their studies of peoples, cultures and understanding the mind come to life. Here are a few examples of students who have taken advantage of joining together a love for ministry with a love for people.

Ministry Opportunities

  • Corinne Stoltzfus - 2012 Child Development graduate spent the summer of 2011 in Uganda, Africa, working for an orphanage, Good Shepherd's Fold. She invested her time with orphans who were designated as "special needs" to help them acclimate to a regular classroom.
  • Stefani Davis -  Senior Psychology major spent a month of summer of 2011 in Africa working with Open Door Enterprises. The experiences Stefani had in door-to-door evangelism and interacting with children opened her eyes to the depth and width of God's love. Watch the video to see her talk about her experiences in Africa.
  • Elise Lanning - The 2012 Psychology graduate spent a weekend alongside 1,100 people who gathered for ministry at a state prison. The time of listening to stories of God's unending love and grace, as well as sharing her own experience of God's faithfulness, provided a way for Elise to witness the power of the will and mind to overcome adverse situations.

Career & Graduate Opportunities

LETU offers quite the experience with the opportunity to increase your psychology education through a selection of master's programs. Our own psychologist expert and provost, Dr. Philip Coyle, has taken time to invest in our students by offering informational seminars on career opportunities and hosting the preview event for our new addition to the psychology family, Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy.

  • B.S. Counseling Psychology - With our 4+1 degree, you can earn both an undergraduate and graduate degree in 5 years! After completing this program, you will also be ready for licensure in LPC and LMFT.
  • Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy - Our residential master's program is designed for individuals seeking to pursue a career in individual, couples and family therapy. Graduates will be eligible for licensure for both LPC and LMFT.
  • Master of Arts in Counseling - Obtain a master's degree completely online and be prepared for licensure in LPC and LMFT. 
  • Master of Arts in Psychology - Another option for a completely online master's degree.


The best part about being a kinesiology student is the fact that you can be involved in life-changing opportunities - literally. Through our Wheels program, students have the chance to spend a semester conducting research and testing before traveling to Africa to fit children with durable, economically-affordable wheelchairs.

Kinesiology Students in Kenya, Africa with the Wheels Project

Kinesiology Students in Kenya, Africa, with the Wheels Project

Questions? Contact your admissions counselor, ElizabethSmith@letu.edu.

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