Finance, BS

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LETU finance students familiarize themselves with the fundamentals, from banking to bonds. They fill strategic roles in either for-profit or nonprofit organizations.

A degree in finance will prepare you to analyze and implement financial decisions. Numerous career options include corporate financial management, investment banking and financial consulting... all over the world. 

Our finance students each complete a required internship, allowing each to enter the job market with knowledge and industry experience. Finance graduates tend to be in high demand, often accepting excellent positions prior to graduation.

Finance & Accounting: What's the Difference?

Students often ask about the differences between finance and accounting. In general, an accountant's primary function is to develop and provide data measuring the performance of the firm, assessing its financial position, and paying taxes. The work is fairly independent.

The financial manager or consultant, however, places primary emphasis on decision making. He or she uses the financial statements prepared by accountants to make decisions about the firm’s financial condition and to advise others about possible losses and profits. A financial manager has to deal not only with finance, but also with economics, accounting, statistics, math, and management.

Finance also often deals with risk. Derivative securities (options, futures, swaps, etc) are used to hedge against possible increase in risk. Risk managers are in great demand everywhere.

Interesting Classes You'll Take

  • Money and Banking
  • Financial Management
  • Investments
  • Financial Risk Management

To learn more about course requirements, view the course requirements and suggested course sequence.

What can you do with this degree?

Most finance majors find jobs in banks and other financial institutions, government, real estate, consultant companies, insurance, investment companies, stock market exchanges, fundraising, and any firm that needs someone to make financial decisions.

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