Marketing Concentration

Get the best of both worlds!

You will get 190 hours of top quality flight training to maximize your ability to be hired as a pilot, and outstanding business training as a secondary emphasis. This concentration is for pilots who want to broaden their education into sales, advertising, and other marketing skills.

Certifications you will earn:

  • Private Pilot Certificate
    • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
    • Instrument Ratings
    • Single Engine
    • Multiengine

Optional certifications you can earn:

  • Flight Instructor Certificate
    • Instrument Ratings
    • Single Engine
    • Multiengine

For more information, view the course sequence.


A few career options:

Graduates with a degree that fuses flight training, with business and marketing and enter the industry as an aircraft sales manager, aviation advertising professional, or more:

  • Aircraft sales
  • Airline pilot
  • Air taxi (charter) pilot
  • Aviation advertising
  • Aviation business
  • Corporate pilot