Military Aviation Concentration

Live to Serve, Live to Fly

A career in the military is a life of service to our country. It also means exciting missions, flying high-performance aircraft worth millions of dollars, and assignments all over the world. Our military aviation concentration gets you ready for a future in the military with outstanding flight training, technical education, leadership training, Christian ethics, and a four-year degree.

Military aviation is a very competitive environment. How you perform in military flight school determines what aircraft you will be assigned to fly. With 90 hours of flight time in our high-caliber flight training program, you’ll be prepared. If you dream of being an officer and pilot, wish to complete college before joining the military, this is the concentration for you!

Certifications you will earn:

  • Private Pilot Certificate:
  • Instrument Rating

Optional Certifications:

  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
    • Instrument Ratings
    • Single Engine
    • Multi Engine
  • Flight Instructor Certificate
    • Instrument Ratings
    • Single Engine
    • Multi Engine

Career options:


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