Spring 2014

Online & Educational Center Graduate Academic Calendar

Oct. 9

Web Registration opens

Jan. 2

Web Registration closes for Module I

Jan. 2 Confirmation Deadline for Module I

Jan. 6 - 11

Module I classes begin

Jan. 20 MLK Day Break (make up session online)
Feb. 1 Last day to file Intent for SP or SU Graduation
Feb. 20 Web Registration Closes for Module II
Feb. 20 Confirmation Deadline for Module II
Feb. 23 Module I Ends
Feb. 24 - March 1 Module II Classes Begin

Feb. 26

Web Registration opens for Summer

Feb. 28

Web Registration opens for Summer for all students

March 10 - 16 Spring Break (No classes, offices open)

March 13

Web Registration closes for Module III

March 13 Confirmation Deadline for Module III

March 23

Module II ends

March 17 - 22

Module III classes begin

April 4


April 25 Deadline for Clearing Balance for Graduation

May 3

Commencement (Longview Campus)

May 4

Module III ends


Follow this academic calendar if you are a graduate student following an accelerated program online or at one of our educational centers across Texas.

Accelerated degree programs generally offer courses in three or seven week sessions which continue year-round.

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