Corner Café

Whether you're looking for a DIY sandwich, a fresh pastry, or a steaming hot 5-course meal, Corner Café is the place to go. But be forewarned, you may find more than just food there. You may find your whole dorm floor hanging out together at one of the long tables. Or you may run into your Biology professor and several students discussing the last chapter over iced tea. Or you may find yourself branching out and sitting with students you've never met just because you can! One thing is for sure - in the Corner Café there's a spot for everyone. The multi-tiered dining room contains booths, long tables, round tables, bar stools and two glass-walled meeting rooms.

Check out a cool virtual reality 360 view of the Corner Café here.

The Corner Café, located in the southeast corner of campus, opened Monday, March 23, 2009, replacing B.A. Skipper Dining Hall.  The 19,000-square-foot facility seats 600 and features multi-level seating, two conference rooms for small group lunch meetings, colorful interior décor, outdoor dining and flexible space allowing students to use the facility as a gathering place during hours when food service is not in operation.  Bon Appétit, one of the premier restaurant-quality food service providers to private colleges across the nation, is the university's food service provider and was integrally involved in design and construction of the new facility. 


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