News Releases 2008

LETU Welcomes 400 New Students During Orientation

Thu, Aug 21 2008

University President Dr. Dale A. Lunsford greeted several of the university's more than 400 incoming students for the fall 2008 semester as they went through orientation process Thursday, Aug. 21., in the lobby of the S.E. Belcher Center.

Students from 44 states and nine countries spent most of the day moving into residence halls on the north side of campus. Faculty and staff helped as new students settled in to make Longview their new home. Nearly half of the incoming class hails from Texas, with the other top states represented being California, Illinois, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Virginia.

Several National Merit Scholars are among the incoming class. LETU also is welcoming 20 Korean students from Handong Global University in Pohang, South Korea.

"We could be on track for a record enrollment for new students in engineering," said Vice President for Enrollment Services Linda Fitzhugh. Over 160 new students declared engineering as their major, with 95 in aeronautical science, 56 in the arts and sciences, 45 in education, 33 in business and the rest undeclared majors.