News Releases 2008

LETU Awards Top Achievers For Working-Adult Student Recruitment

Wed, Aug 20 2008

LeTourneau University honored two employees for their success in the 2007-2008 admissions recruitment cycle in the university’s working adult program.

Student Advocate Nancy Westbrook of LeTourneau University’s Austin Educational Center was honored with the Admissions Representative of the Year Award. Westbrook recruited 141 new students. She has worked for LeTourneau University for the past 5 years and has worked in the role of student advocate for the last 3 years.

Also honored was Student Advocate Christy Barnard of LeTourneau’s main campus in Longview. Barnard was awarded the Rookie of the Year Award for her performance over the same time period. Barnard recruited 139 new students. She has worked for LeTourneau University since 2002 and worked in the position of student advocate for approximately the last two years.

Student advocates are responsible for recruiting and advising working adult students who are interested in finishing their degrees through LeTourneau University. Each of these women made literally thousands of calls and e-mails in the last year and were honored for the professional service they have provided to their students.