News Releases 2008

Korean Students Study American Business Through LETU

Mon, Jul 21 2008

Twelve Korean students from Handong Global University in Pohang, South Korea are studying American business through a joint-venture internship between HGU and LeTourneau University. The students are spending four weeks in the U.S. in a course titled, "Global Industrial Field Experience in America."

The students, mostly juniors and seniors, come from a variety of disciplines including architecture, urban planning, business, international studies, economics, psychology, engineering, computer science and international law. Most have double majors.

They are participating in an international course to give them global industrial insight with American business. In the three weeks the students have been in Longview, they have visited four factories and done research on how local businesses might expand operations in to Asian markets.

"I have learned a lot from American business," said Jin Kim, a junior architecture and urban planning major. "The management hierarchy in Korean business is more strict than here, but here it is more creative."

Maria Park, who is majoring in business and international studies, said she found the experience in the U.S. to be a challenge learning to communicate with team members who were all from different majors.

"We’re here to experience a different field and to challenge ourselves," she said. "We had to learn how to listen and accept our weaknesses. It was very instructive."

The students will make a formal presentation to local business this week before leaving Longview Monday on their return trip to Korea.