News Releases 2008

LETU President Reorganizes Executive Team

Wed, Jul 9 2008

LeTourneau University President Dr. Dale A. Lunsford announced changes to his executive organization effective immediately with the promotions of three vice presidents to an executive cabinet and the expansion of his cabinet posts to include the university’s chief technology officer. Lunsford has also elevated the university chaplain’s office from the Office of Student Affairs to report directly to the president.
“Technology touches everything we do at the university, so I have chosen to make sure technology considerations enter into our strategic decisions,” Lunsford said.
“And while the move of the university chaplain is symbolic of who we are as a Christ-centered university, the university chaplain is responsible for the spiritual growth of the entire university community, including faculty and staff, as well as students,” he said.
The list of organizational changes includes:

  • University Chaplain Harold Carl will report directly to the President.
  • The executive committee of the President’s Cabinet will include three Executive Vice Presidents: Robert Hudson, Bill McDowell and Marila Palmer.
  • The President’s Cabinet will be expanded to include the three Executive Vice Presidents Hudson, McDowell and Palmer; Vice Presidents Jim Hughey, Linda Fitzhugh and Doug Wilcoxson and the university’s Chief Information Officer in charge of technology Gary Holeman. The School of Graduate and Professional Studies will also now be included in the Cabinet as will the university’s Chief Financial Officer.
  • As Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, Hudson will also provide oversight for the Office of Academic Records and the Office of Sponsored Programs. Hudson will soon announce additional changes to facilitate faculty scholarship and international studies.
  • As Executive Vice President for Business and Administration, McDowell will provide oversight for the Office of Student Affairs. Vice President Doug Wilcoxson and his student affairs departments will be included in this division led by McDowell.
  • As Executive Vice President for External Relations, Palmer will oversee a new division that includes advancement, admissions and institutional effectiveness functions. Vice Presidents Fitzhugh and Hughey will report to Palmer in this new External Relations division.

“God has assembled a capable, God-honoring faculty and staff, and I am blessed to work alongside them,” Lunsford said. “After taking a year to listen and learn, I am ready to make these changes in our executive organization. These changes will allow me to focus on several important tasks this coming year including the creation of our new airport campus for the School of Aeronautical Science, the construction of a new campus café for students, and the development of a strategic plan.”
Lunsford plans to announce a new strategic planning vision to the university community on Aug. 18.