Sponsors' Remarks

What some of our sponsors have said about us:

"The laboratory facilities, the quality of students who participated and the direction provided by professors are absolutely top-notch."

Robert Nichols, P.E.,
Manager of Metallurgy,
Lone Star Steel Co.

"...[Dr. Gonzalez] has had remarkable success in developing a respectable research program at an undergraduate institution."

National Science Foundation

"The LeTourneau team was able to resolve a major technical problem at an extremely reasonable cost."

Tom Silvey,
Manager of Manufacturing
and Industrial Engineering,
Westinghouse Electric

"The result of this (plasma) study will help NASA engineers improve their numerical simulation of high-speed and high-altitude flight..."

Dr. Carl Scott,
Aerothermodynamics Group Leader,
NASA Johnson Space Center

"LeTourneau University has the most impressive undergraduate biomedical research program I have ever seen. LeTourneau's biomedical undergraduate research program offers students a unique hands-on, practical experience."

Thomas S. Buchanan,
Professor of Biomedical Engineering,
University of Delaware