Current Global Service Learning Projects


Professor Karen Rispin and her team of students test how wheelchairs function in unique settings in the developing world and share this research with wheelchair manufactures to enable them to design better chairs.

Frontier Wheelchairs

Dr. Norman Reese and his team of students implement the research of the Wheels project by using their engineering skills to make design improvements on wheelchairs in the developing world. Check out the team's project presentation. Also see Frontier Wheelchairs in the news here.

Small Plot Irrigation

Faculty members and design team students develop pumps for existing wells, which provide water for human consumption and for agricultural needs.

Visual Literacy

Dr. Annie Olson and her team of students research the way in which cultures outside of the United States interpret symbols and signs used to give directions for such things as medication and usage of products.

Solar Energy/SPARC

Dr. Jesse French and his team of students have been working on developing solar energy in Mongolia that will provide enough energy to recharge reusable batteries that will provide lighting for rural living.

Shelter Project

Dr. Gustavo Cortes and his senior design team research and develop low-cost temporary shelter solutions for use in the developing world after natural disasters. They are currently testing structural components that will be used in future shelter structures.


Dr. Kelly Liebengood

Chief Global Initiatives Officer,
Director, Global Service Learning