CGSL: The Mission

 The Mission of the Center for Global Service Learning

“Learning to Serve the World”

LeTourneau University is committed to being a university of global influence. In an effort to fulfill our commitment, the Office of Global Initiatives has established the Center for Global Service Learning (CGSL).

The Center for Global Service Learning seeks to empower faculty members and students to use their expertise, skills, and ingenuity in order to develop sustainable solutions in developing communities that will ease human suffering and demonstrate God’s redeeming love.

The Center seeks to stimulate the incubation of new projects and to support the continued implementation of current projects. With our talented faculty, high-ability students, and a culture of ingenuity in Christian service, God has uniquely equipped us to join His call to love one another and make disciples in every nation.

Core Aims in executing the mission of the Center for Global Service Learning:

  • Honor Christ and serve others with our discipline and expertise.
  • Develop sustainable solutions that ease human suffering and encourage human flourishing.
  • Stimulate faculty members to consider how their disciplines are uniquely blessed to solve real-world problems.
  • Seek multidisciplinary solutions.
  • Prepare students to be the next generation of global servant-leaders.
  • Develop strategic partnerships.