Payment and Refund Policies

New Student Tuition Deposit 

All new (first time) students must pay a $100 tuition deposit in order to retain their enrollment place in their classes.  

Returning Student Tuition Deposit

By mid-April each year, returning students must pay a $100 deposit toward their fall tuition in order to retain enrollment and confirm registration in their classes.  Students that do not return must formally notify the Office of the Registrar before the first day of classes in order to be eligible for a Tuition Deposit Refund. Formal notice can be via email at or written notice to Office of the Registrar, LeTourneau University, P. O. Box 7001, Longview, TX.

Housing Reservation Fee 

All new students must pay a $100 housing reservation fee. Housing assignments are made only for those students who have paid the applicable tuition deposit and the housing fee. Housing assignments are made on a first come first served (first paid) basis. The fee is refundable (upon request) until May 1 for the fall semester and until December 1 for the spring semester. 

Tuition Payment Options

All financial arrangements must be completed during the registration process.
  • For a student's schedule to be confirmed, tuition must be paid-in-full or a payment plan sufficient to cover the semester balance arranged at least five days prior to the start of classes.
  • Installment Payment Plans begin in July for the fall semester and in December for the spring semester. Payment plans should be established through Tuition Management Systems (TMS) online at  or by phone at 800-722-4867.
  • Payment in full at registration or 5 days prior to the first day of classes may be made via LeTourneau's website at  We accept debit and credit cards, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
  • In addition, payments are accepted by the cashier in the Student Accounts Office or by mail.  The address for submitting payments by mail is:

    LeTourneau University
    Attention:  Student Accounts Office
    P. O. Box 7001
    Longview, Texas 75607-7001

Note:  All checks, money orders, and credit card payments are subject to final payment by the applicable financial institution(s).  The University cannot assume any responsibility for the loss of cash sent through the mail.  All accounts must be paid in full before transcripts, certificates, or diplomas for academic work completed will be released.

Tuition Refund Policy - Withdrawal from the University

LeTourneau University has established a fair and equitable refund policy based on the regulations established in section 484B of the Higher Education Act.  Contact the University's Financial Aid Office to review the Act and the applicable regulations.

Prepaid tuition, lab fees, and other charges will be refunded to the student's account based on the student's official withdrawal date. Room and board is prorated for the first nine weeks of class. 

Percentages for tuition and lab fee refunds for the Fall and Spring semesters are as follows:   
Weeks 1 and 2 - 100%
Week 3 - 75%
Week 4 - 50%
Week 5 - 25%   
Week 6 and after - no refunds.

Refunds (if applicable) are calculated in the following manner:

1. The amount that the student is to be charged for the actual time period enrolled is first determined.

2. The amount that the student was expected to pay for the term enrolled is determined.  This amount is calculated based on federal guidelines for return of Title IV (federal) funds up to and including the date on which 60% of the term is completed.

3. If the amount the student was expected to pay exceeds the charges for the time enrolled, the student will receive NO FEDERAL FINANCIAL AID.  This may result in the student owing the University funds despite the fact that they previously expected the assistance of Federal financial aid.  This is a federally mandated refund policy.

 If the amount the student was expected to pay from their own funds does not exceed the charges for the time enrolled, then the student will be allowed to retain a portion of the Federal financial aid (according to federal regulations) to pay the difference between what they were expected to pay from personal funds and what they were actually charged.

4. Students who have received Federal Title IV funds as part of their financial aid packages will be required to return those funds in the following order of priority:

a. Federal Family Education Loan (Stafford Loan) Unsubsidized funds.
b. Federal Family Education Loan (Stafford Loan) Subsidized funds.
c. Federal Perkins Loan Program funds.
d. Federal PLUS Loan funds.
e. Federal Pell Grant Program funds.
f. Federal SEOG Program funds.
g. Other Student Financial Aid funds.

5. A proportion, corresponding to the refund rate, of any institutional grant money awarded will be allowed to help cover the amount the student was charged for the time period enrolled.  This will be figured after all the above calculations have been made.

6. Since the refunds must be coordinated with the various lenders, please allow 30 days for the University to finalize the credits and/or adjustments to the student's account.  After this process is completed, if a refund is due it will be mailed to the address of record.  In addition, if charges remain due, an invoice will be mailed to the student.



If a student has a delinquent account balance with the University, the student is not eligible to receive transcripts, certificates, diplomas or enroll for the next semester until the balance has been paid in full. Transcripts will be held for 30 days following final payment (unless payment is made with cash, cashier's check, money order, or credit card).

If a student is unable to make a payment when scheduled, it is the student's responsibility to contact the Student Accounts Office of LeTourneau University (903-233-4130) prior to the scheduled due date and to make alternate payment arrangements.

If the student's financial status changes and that change affects the student's ability to pay tuition and fees as agreed (i.e. payment plan, financial aid or military), the student must notify LeTourneau University Student Accounts Office (903-233-4130) immediately and make alternate payment arrangements.

If the student's account becomes 30 days or more delinquent, the student must contact the LeTourneau University Student Accounts Office (903-233-4130) and provide satisfactory proof of the ability to pay the outstanding tuition and fees.   If the student does not contact Student Accounts or cannot provide satisfactory proof of the ability to pay any outstanding fees or tuition in accordance with the policy, the student may be pulled from classes and subject to dismissal from the University. At that time, the entire unpaid indebtedness including any finance charges and/or late fees may, at the option of the University, become immediately due and payable.

Please note:

It is the student's responsibility, as the party benefiting from any financial arrangements, to know and follow the University policy as stated above and to comply with any promise to pay LeTourneau University in accordance with this policy. This includes the payment of all applicable late fees and finance charges. Should an account become delinquent, the student will be required to pay all attorneys' fees and other reasonable collection costs and/or charges necessary for the collection of the balance. Collection fees will not exceed the allowable federal and state rates applicable on the date this note is signed.

LeTourneau University employs professional collection agencies to process delinquent accounts and reports the delinquency status to the national credit bureaus.  When an account is forwarded to a collection agency, applicable collection fees and interest will be added to the unpaid balance. 

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