Probation and Suspension

At the end of any semester, all regular students must meet the minimum cumulative GPA requirements for the total hours earned according to the cumulative GPA schedule below.

The GPA is calculated only on hours taken at LeTourneau University although the total hours earned includes transfer credits.  Students who do not achieve a cumulative GPA as specified below will be placed on academic probation.

                   CUMULATIVE GPA SCHEDULE

Total                             Academic                       Academic
Hours                           Warning if                    Probation if
Earned                        GPA Below                    GPA Below

0-19                                  2.00                                 1.50
20-30                                2.00                                 1.60
31-45                                2.00                                 1.70
46-60                                2.00                                 1.80
61-75                                2.00                                 1.90
76 +                                                                          2.00

The student who has been placed on probation has two semesters to raise the GPA to the level required to remove probation.  If probation is not removed after two semesters, the student may be suspended from the University (see below).

A student failing to attain and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 at the end of any given semester is placed on academic warning.  During the next semester, that student should take a reduced course load in order to help raise the GPA to the required level.

If a student fails to attain and maintain the GPA as required for the total number of hours earned, the student is placed on academic probation.  The student must raise the GPA to the acceptable level within two semesters after being placed on probation.  If the GPA is not raised to the level required to remove probation during those two semesters, the student may be suspended from the University.  If the student raises the GPA during the two semesters of probation but not to the GPA required to remove probation, the student may be allowed to continue on extended probation if recommended by the Admissions and Standards Committee and approved by the Office of the Provost.  Any student on probation who is not making progress may be suspended.

Since summer sessions are not probationary periods, a student on probation may raise his/her cumulative GPA by attending LeTourneau University during this time.  Cumulative GPA is unchanged by credit transferred from another institution.

The Admissions and Standards Committee may review the records of any student who has earned less than 20 resident hours and has a cumulative GPA below 1.20.  A student in this situation may be suspended for failure to make satisfactory progress.

The Admissions and Standards Committee may also review the records of any student who had a semester GPA of less than 0.5 and recommend Academic Warning or Probation.

The Admissions and Standards Committee may require that students placed on probation take the following actions.

1. Repeat courses in which a grade of F was received if they are offered on the semester schedule.

2. Attend special academic help sessions.

3. Enroll for a reduced academic load.

4. Curtail outside work load.

Academic suspension results from failure to meet the terms of academic probation.  After one or more semesters of academic suspension from the University, students may apply to the Admissions Office for possible readmission to the University.  The Office of the Provost will reconsider the student's case at this time.  If readmitted to the University, the student will enter on probationary status. If academic probation is not removed within one semester the Admissions and Standards Committee will consider extended probation provided satisfactory progress is being made.

Any student who is suspended a second time or who demonstrates a deficiency that makes it unreasonable to anticipate eventual completion of degree requirements will be subject to academic dismissal.  Since dismissal is intended to be permanent, only the lapse of a year or more and a drastic change in circumstances can justify application for readmission, which may be granted in rare instances.

University policy requires that students who assume responsibilities in which they represent LeTourneau University to the public (i.e., intercollegiate athletics, music groups, etc.) must be in good standing, academically and behaviorally, and must be making reasonable progress toward an educational goal.  Part time students, special students, and those on academic or disciplinary probation are not eligible to participate in an organized extracurricular activity (intercollegiate athletics, student publications, extended choir or musical team tours, etc.) nor to receive the financial assistance ordinarily awarded for participation.


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