Dual Majors and Minors

Dual Majors

LeTourneau University will permit the student to pursue a bachelor's degree with a dual major but does not necessarily encourage the student to do so.  Students must complete all prerequisites, supporting courses, and departmental requirements for each major.  When the two majors are for different degrees (for example a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science), students may choose between the two degrees.

Alternatively, they may choose to receive the two degrees at the same graduation ceremony, in which case the following conditions apply:

1.  For this discussion, the first degree is the degree of the declared major containing the greatest number of required semester credit hours. The student must complete a minimum of 30 hours above the number required by the major of the first degree. None of those 30 hours can be in courses applied to the major of the first degree, but they may be in courses required in the other major. In all cases, the student must meet all requirements for each declared major in each degree.

2.  At least 12 semester hours of the 30 must be upper division credit and in a different field from that of the major in the first degree.

3.  A separate application for graduation for each degree must be submitted at the same time,  accompanied by the payment of one graduation fee plus one reapplication for graduation fee.

Certain major and/or degree combinations may not be feasible and may not be permitted by the University.  Students should seek advisement from both departments to determine the feasibility and appropriateness of the two majors desired.  The Degree Audits for both majors should be consulted in order to understand clearly how course requirements in both majors may be met.

Dual Minors

LeTourneau University will permit students to pursue a dual minor but does not necessarily encourage them to do so.  Students must satisfy all of the requirements for each minor.

Second Bachelor's Degree

Under exceptional circumstances students may be permitted to return to study for a second bachelor's degree.  When another bachelor's degree has been taken previously, the second bachelor's degree may be granted upon the completion of all required work for the second degree subject to the following conditions:

1. There must be a minimum of 30 semester hours residence work at LeTourneau University above that necessary for the degree requiring the greater number of hours and not applied towards a previous degree.

2. At least 12 semester hours must be upper division credit and in a different field from that chosen as the major for the first bachelor's degree.

3. All requirements listed for the second degree must be satisfied according to the latest catalog in effect at the time of official declaration of major for the degree.

4. A separate application for graduation must be submitted for the second degree accompanied by the payment of a second graduation fee.



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