Declare or Change a Major

Declaration of Major 

All students must declare a major before beginning registration for their fourth semester as a full-time student.

Change of Majors

Students may change majors by completing a form obtained from the Office of the Registrar.  The change of major must be approved by the department chair of the new major.

When a student changes majors, certain D, F, and WF grades may be removed from the cumulative GPA if the following guidelines are met:

1. The courses have been taken at LeTourneau prior to or during the semester in which the student changes majors, are courses in which the student received a grade of D, F, or WF, and are courses which are not in the course requirements or which may not be substituted for course requirements as listed in the appropriate catalog of the new major.  (For this rule only, general electives are not to be considered as part of the course requirements.)

2. The grades that have been removed from the computation of the cumulative GPA will not count towards hours attempted, hours completed, or total grade points, but the course name and original grade will remain on the transcript.

3. Students must notify the University Registrar in writing that they are requesting the application of this policy.  This request must be made on or before the first day of classes of the second full semester in the new major.

4. This policy may only be used once at LeTourneau.

5. Graduation honors will be determined by considering the full cumulative GPA of all course work attempted at LeTourneau, including any courses with grades which have been deleted from the cumulative GPA when changing majors.


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