Course Exemption

Students may gain exemption from taking courses in an academic area by demonstrating proficiency through satisfactory performance on a comprehensive examination taken at LeTourneau University. While exemption may be earned from taking the course in this manner, students will not receive college credit. The department chair will determine whether or not a course may be bypassed by such a proficiency examination. Students may replace such exempted hours with electives approved by their advisor.


Credit may also be awarded for department examinations on which the students earned a grade of C or higher. Credit for a limited number of courses as determined by each department is available through a departmental examination. The student must get permission to take the examination by obtaining the required signatures on the Request for Credit by Departmental Examination form. If approval is granted, the student must pay the departmental examination fee, after which the examination will be administered and results reported to the Office of the Registrar. The examination for a given course may be taken only once. 

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