VineUp Mentorship Program

What is VineUp?

Launching in the fall of 2015, LeTourneau alumni are invited to connect with other alumni and current students through our exclusive hub for career development – VineUp. Plug in by mentoring students, joining affinity groups, finding alumni in your area, and more through one seamless tool.


Getting Involved

Your first step in getting involved is to create your profile. The easiest way to do this is by connecting to your Facebook or LinkedIn account. VineUp will import all your information for you.

Next, join some groups! VineUp also serves as a peer-to-peer network. Use it to connect with other alumni to discuss industry trends, strengthen connections with former classmates, and stay updated on LeTourneau’s programs. We’ve already created a few groups but you are free to add to our lists.

This is also your opportunity to list yourself as a mentor on your profile. As an LETU mentor, you will help guide students in their career paths, educate students on career-related topics and trends, connect with students to expand their network, and empower students to enter the professional world with confidence. Learn more by visiting our FAQ page.


Student Expectations

Students will use VineUp to network and connect with professionals in their chosen field of study and/or in their target industry or company. They:

  • Want to learn how to apply their studies in their future job
  • Are looking for career advice based on your experience
  • Hope to receive honest, targeted feedback on their resume, communication skills and interview preparedness


Communication Opportunities

Students have been given guidelines on how to appropriately and professionally message alumni whom they are interested in connecting with or learning from. A student may contact you for a quick question, to set up an informational interview, or to ask for insight into a particular company or industry.

Discussions can take place through VineUp messaging, by phone, email, or Skype, or face-to-face according to the preferences of both you and the student.

Questions? Contact:

Jamie DeYoung

Director of Alumni & Parent Relations

(903) 233-3841


“We cannot go through life and handle the struggles and challenges without help.

Don’t try to go it alone.

A mentor will advise you to stay on track & give you a hand up when it is needed.”

- Ray Davis, Class of 1966
Chairman of the Texas Rangers