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LeTourneau University provides enterprise-level spam filtering for all current e-mail accounts. This includes all student, faculty, staff, emeritus, and public e-mail addresses hosted by University mail servers.

How our spam filtering works

We have implemented an antispam solution that scans all incoming e-mail before it is delivered to your inbox. Only e-mail sent from external e-mail addresses is scanned; e-mail from LeTourneau e-mail addresses is not. The spam filter attempts to identify spam e-mails based on several common analysis techniques. Then, all incoming e-mails are assigned a score. The higher the score, the more likely it is that an e-mail is spam.

By default, if LetNet Antispam recognizes an e-mail as spam, it will hold that e-mail message at antispam.letu.edu until either 1) it is automatically deleted by the system after a period of thirty days, or 2) you manually browse to LetNet Antispam and tell the system whether that e-mail is spam or not.

While we have configured the system with default settings we feel you will find adequate, almost all settings are available for you to change according to your preferences. No setup on your part is required unless you wish to change the default way your personal spam filtering works.

It is important to note that no antispam solution can correctly identify spam 100% of the time. Sometimes the system may allow a message through that you consider spam, and other times it may hold a message as spam when it really isn't.


For support issues not addressed by the Knowledge Base, please contact the IT Helpdesk at support@letu.edu or x3500.