Email - Local Client Setup

Most student will find that the LetNet Webmail interface at is the easiest and most convenient way to check their email. We strongly suggest that users who do not have experience setting up and maintaining local email clients use this interface.

For those users desiring to use local email clients, LetNet provides IMAP4 (incoming) and POP3 (incoming) e-mail services to students, faculty, and staff through our core mail server cluster.

SMTP (outgoing) mail services are only provided for clients located on a LeTourneau campus or dialing in to LetNet dial-up services. Users outside the LeTourneau campuses who do not wish to use the LetNet Webmail interface will need to use their ISP's SMTP server (this information may be obtained by contacting the ISP being used).

Once you have installed or launched your email client you should access your configuration settings in your email client and configure the following options:

  • POP3 server:
  • IMAP4 server:
  • SMTP server: (for users on a LeTourneau campus or dialing in through LetNet dial-in services)
    • Users of ISPs other than LetNet: You will need to set your SMTP server to your Internet Service provider's (ISP's) SMTP server. Please contact your ISP for this information

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