Disability Support

LeTourneau University accepts students who are able to engage in college-level studies and who also meet the admission criteria. LeTourneau University provides students with disabilities reasonable accommodations to give these individuals equal access to academic programs and the university experience. It is the student's prerogative to reveal the disability during the admission process; however, the knowledge of this disability will have no bearing on the admission decision. Untimed SAT and ACT tests will be accepted for students with a documented disability that would make testing in this manner a necessity.

LeTourneau University has no specific academic programs for students with disabilities. The appropriate academic support, deemed reasonable and necessary by law, will be provided to the students with documented disabilities that have been accepted according to the school’s admission criteria. All students must understand that academic standards at LeTourneau are rigorous. LeTourneau University will not lower academic program requirements or make any modifications that would alter the nature of the educational program.

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Kristy Morgan
Dean of Students