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What can parents do to help their students?

A number of students have trouble locating their medical insurance information, such as the provider and the policy number. When students feel ill and need to see the doctor, not having their insurance information readily on hand delays treatment. It also places additional burden on the doctor's office who could spend hours on the phone trying to verify coverage for the student. If you text or e-mail the information to your student, they should have it readily at hand the next time they need to see the doctor and that would be a huge help to the school nurse.

What is the university doing to contain the spread of flu viruses this fall?

We are actively educating all of the LETU community regarding what they can do to stay well and help keep others from contracting the flu. A few of our precautionary measures on campus include:

  • Prevention Education. Each department and residence has a flu kit with thermometers, hand sanitizers, gloves and masks, along with health posters and instructions to guard against exposure and spreading the flu. Posters and hand sanitizers are also stationed around the university common areas.
  • Custodial Care. LETU custodial staff members have been briefed on flu-related concerns, reviewed the preventative importance of careful cleaning processes and are taking extra precautions, such as sanitizing hand railings, lab keyboards and common areas.
  • Tracking Cases. All students, faculty and staff who develop flu-like symptoms should complete this survey. That way, our university nurse can monitor any potential outbreaks.  In addition, university officials will be utilizing all other communication channels available in order to stay apprised of students' conditions, including close communication with resident directors and assistants.

Is there a threat to students who live on campus?

Students living in university residence halls are in closer contact with each other than other areas on campus, so they are more likely to spread the flu viruses. Thus, they are strongly encouraged to diligently take precautions. Students experiencing flu-like symptoms are required to wear masks when in common areas. They may obtain a mask from their residential director, departmental secretary or the University Police.

Is LeTourneau asking students to leave campus and recover at home if suspected or confirmed of having influenza?

If students have flu symptoms, they are encouraged to:

  • Stay home, if they live locally, or in their room.
  • Isolate themselves from others to avoid spreading the flu.
  • Communicate with their professors, but not attend classes until they have been symptom- and fever-free for at least 24 hours.
  • Report it to the on-campus nurse.
  • Seek treatment from a doctor who can test and diagnose the flu.

Should students with the flu avoid the cafeteria?

Yes. Students with the flu may have peers or staff members deliver food from the university’s Corner CafĂ© to their rooms.

How long should students stay isolated after contracting the flu?

Federal guidelines recommend students remain out of class for at least 24 hours after their last fever without medication.

What if a student gets the flu and misses classes due to the self-isolation request?

Absentee policies for students who become ill will be addressed with faculty, who are encouraged to be flexible during this semester.

Can LeTourneau Health Services conduct tests for or report confirmed H1N1 cases?

Testing for H1N1 must be done by physicians and submitted to the state; however, such testing is limited to unusual circumstances or severe conditions  Since it is unlikely that local physicians will be able to diagnose H1N1 definitively, LETU has decided to report all confirmed cases of the influenza.  Confirmed cases are those self-reported via the survey at www.letu.edu/flu and which identify the doctor who made the diagnosis.  Updates will be made weekly to the web page.

Will you offer flu vaccines on campus?

LETU offered a Seasonal Flu Vaccine Clinic on campus Tuesday, September 22, 2009 in MSC-3.  Vaccines were administered by Louis Morgan Drugs #1.  At this time, Louis Morgan #1 does not have any doses of the seasonal flu vaccine remaining.  Dr. Wendell Daniels, 515 North Third St. has a limited supply of seasonal flu vaccines available at $19.  Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 9-2; Tuesday and Friday 9-12.  Phone 903-757-7377 for an appointment.

The Gregg County Health Department is now making the H1N1 vaccine available with no restrictions regarding age or underlying health condition.  Vaccines are available from 12:30 to 4 p.m. weekdays at the department, located at 405 E. Marshall Avenue, and are free to all Texas residents (which does include LETU residential students).  Call 903-237-2620 for more information.

Dr. Ken Marshall (903-758-3441) also has a supply of the H1N1 vaccine available.  Depending on insurance, an administration fee may apply but should not be more than $19. 

At this time, the university has not been supplied with any vaccine.  If it is received, on-campus availability will be communicated at that time.

Will LeTourneau cancel classes if a critical number of flu cases are confirmed on campus?

LETU plans to conduct classes as usual and not alter the semester unless it becomes necessary. Any decisions will be made in consultation with county and state health officials.

How will you communicate any pertinent flu-related updates to me?

The latest university flu information and instructions will be available at www.letu.edu/flu and updated weekly throughout flu season.  You may also learn the latest by calling our Fight the Flu help line at (903) 233-3333 or toll-free1-866-362-LETU (5388).

Should a campus closing occur, all students, faculty and staff will be notified immediately via e-mail and/or text message, using the university’s emergency notification system. Additionally, any emergency updates will be accessible on the university homepage, www.letu.edu.

Who do I contact for more information?

For questions/concerns about any symptoms, students may contact the LeTourneau University Nurse, Shela Dawson, at (903) 233-4445 or ShelaDawson@letu.edu.  Parents with questions may contact Martha Steed, Director of Alumni and Parent Relations, at (903) 233-3804.