Executive Cabinet


Avery Cheeley, Student Body President

Avery hails from the great State of Idaho, but before you ask, no, he isn't a potato farmer. He's a Senior studying mechanical engineering, and hopes to eventually start his own company. When it comes to campus goings-on, Avery enjoys a vast array of activities; aside from getting to know his friends more deeply, he loves theater, singing along with any song he knows (or doesn't know), thinking of business ideas and inventions, attending sports games and YAC events, and finding fun wherever it may be. However, Avery is only 51% extroverted; he loves people, but also loves his i-time (a time of reflection, relaxation, and alone-ness). Avery loves getting mail (CPO 988); his favorite animal is a tiger, and he actually got to play with a cub; he worked as a janitor through High School; he has over 24 shirts that he has accumulated for free by volunteering or participating in different events and clubs; he has a motorcycle back home; he loves wakeboarding, exotic cheeses, and art; he's a theater nerd, and thoroughly enjoyed pitching his Bassomatic 5000 “invention" in Hootenanny last year, as well as performing the song “Say Something.” Avery hopes to represent students well, and encourages his peers to develop their whole persons through mentorship and addressing the busyness in their lives. Feel free to email him at averycheeley@letu.edu.

Michael Koreis, Student Body Vice President

Michael is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering here at LETU. He wants to become a leader for Christ in the workplace. His hobbies include football, rescuing kittens from trees and helping the elderly cross the road. Michael plans on using his powers as Vice President to improve the campus through students' ideas and, with the help of LETU student senate, end world hunger and create world peace.

Ben Burleson, Student Body Treasurer

Ben is a biomedical engineering major at LeTourneau. He spent the majority of his growing up years as a missionary kid in the country of Papua New Guinea. He enjoys many different sports and is a dedicated fan of the 2014 NBA Champion San Antonio Spurs. In addition to filling the role of treasurer, Ben has also served on IMPACT as a Peer Advisor. As treasurer, he works closely with the executive cabinet and Senate, in order to decide how best to spend the money with which these organizations have been entrusted.

Karina Wolter, YAC President

 Karina is a senior Aviation Studies major. Her journey at LeTourneau began with the goal to become a fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy, but she is now aiming to become a manager in the aviation industry or a businesswoman in the equine world. Born and raised a Californian, she is a huge San Francisco 49ers fan, darn those Seahawks! Her seven siblings and she are all homeschooled, as well as pastor’s kids. During her junior year of high school, she was a part of a local home-school organization’s student government, and aided in the planning of events for the junior and high school kids. The summer of her senior year, she began flight training, and became a private pilot at age 17.

At LeTourneau, she has been a member of YAC for two amazing years. YAC has helped her to grow in maturity and in faith. She has learned what it really means to be a leader, and that in everything, even in small events or the handing out of popsicles, it is our calling as Christians to glorify our Father in Heaven. It has been a great joy for Karina to be a member of YAC, and she is eager to help YAC grow further this next year.

Sam van der Hoeven, LSM President

Sam was born on a stormy June night in Lexington, KY, under a tornado watch. At 8 months old, he became very sick—completely unable to take in food. Obviously he survived, but life was off to an exciting start, which set the stage for the rest of his life.

Sam’s parents now have ten children, and of them all, his mom maintains that he was the hardest—a stubborn rebel with a ferocious temper. Kicking, punching, biting . . . nothing was off limits. Enter: God. A few days shy of his fifth birthday, the call of God became Sam’s justification with a profession of faith in Christ (Romans 8:30). The violence ended almost immediately, and his temper gradually came under control. Discipline began to work. Something had died, and he had begun to live.

Since then, Sam’s life has been hard—just as Jesus promised (John 16:33). His discipleship has consisted of one treasure after another being painfully rooted out, as everything he longs for and pursues either gets taken away or proves to be utterly empty, but as these things prove empty, Christ proves the more full. Sam’s life is committed to making Christ known and treasured as the only One who can truly satisfy human hearts.