Tennis Rules

 Matches will be scheduled by both players.  All matches must be finished on November 13 at noon. Any matches taking place after that date will not be included in determining play-off standings.
Tennis will played in a round-robin style, the best players in each bracket advancing to a play-off.  When you sign up, you are expected to know the rules of tennis because no officials will be provided.  Tennis racquets can be checked out through Solheim. You will need to provide your own tennis balls.


  • Following your match, pick up a score sheet, enter your score, and return it to the tennis drop slot.  The score sheets and drop box are located at the front desk in Solheim. 
  • If no sheet is turned in both parties get a loss.
  • If your opponent no-shows, fill out a score sheet indicating that your opponent wasn’t there.
  • Tennis courts are NOT available for use Monday-Friday 3-6PM due to varsity tennis practice. Varsity Tennis athletes have first priority for use of the courts (if they return in the evening for additional practice, you will need to surrender the court to them).

Basic rules

  • Best of three sets wins.
  • A ball that hits the line is in.
  • If the ball hits the net on a serve and lands in the box that person is given a retry, and if it lands outside the box then no retry is given.
  • The 3 rd set is a 10-point tie breaker, instead of a full 3 rd set.


  • Every participant will earn 1 point for singles.  Every team will earn 3 points for doubles.
  • The champion will earn 15 extra points and the runner-up 10.
  • A floor can earn a maximum of 15 participation points for both singles and doubles.

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