Intramural Handbook

Intramural Handbook

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 The Intramural Sports Program provides an arena to recreate and engage as a campus community, thereby  supporting every student's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual growth leading to abundant life.



A. All students enrolled for at least three semester hours and their spouses, faculty and staff of LeTourneau University and their spouses, shall be eligible to participate in any activity promoted by the Intramural Department. (Implied: Intramural Sports are designed primarily for full time students of the University. Care shall be exercised to ensure that no one is attempting to use any written rules to their own advantage.) Persons enrolled in the LEAP program are not eligible to participate in intramural sports unless they meet one of the above criteria.

B. Squad members of a varsity sport shall be ineligible to participate in the intramural activity(ies) corresponding to that particular sport. Varsity soccer players shall be ineligible for intramural soccer; varsity basketball players shall be ineligible for intramural basketball and related events; spring varsity baseball players shall be ineligible for intramural softball. As this cannot be a comprehensive list, additions and/or deletions may become necessary.

For definitive purposes a squad member of a varsity sport will be determined as follows:

1. Anyone who works out with the varsity team on a regular basis for the purpose of playing during that particular varsity season.

2. Anyone who participates in an intercollegiate contest.

3. Anyone who signed an athletic financial award agreement.

All final decisions on the eligibility of any alleged varsity athlete shall be made by the Director of Intramurals in conjunction with the IM Council and the respective coach.

C. If an athlete quits a varsity sport for any reasons he/she may petition the IM Council for intramural eligibility to be granted.

D. A student barred due to professionalism or removed due to disciplinary action from a varsity sport shall be ineligible to participate in that corresponding intramural sport.

E. A player may be declared ineligible to participate in intramural activities by the Director of Intramurals for unsportsmanlike conduct towards officials or opponents. An individual removed from intramurals for this reason shall not be allowed on the intramural field or in the gym during games.

F. A student’s faculty advisor maintains the right to prohibit that student from participating in intramurals due to an academic deficiency.

G. Any student who is placed on Disciplinary Probation shall be ineligible for intramural participation as long as they are on D.P.

H. The use of an ineligible player in any intramural contest shall result in the forfeiture of that contest by the team using the ineligible player.

I. In order to participate for sweepstakes points, all members of a team must be residents of the living area or an eligible non-resident. An eligible non-resident is an individual whose own living area is not entering a team.


J. Individuals may not participate for more than one team in each sport. The first team that he/she participates with will be considered their team.

K. Only current LeTourneau students, faculty, staff, and spouses are allowed to participate in LeTourneau intramurals.

L. Teams will be expected to fulfill responsibilities of helping to keep score and officiate contests.

M. Any situation arising during the course of the school year that is ambiguous or not specifically covered by the I.M. Handbook shall be subject to a ruling by the Director of Intramurals.

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A verbal protest must be made to the officials in charge of the contest at the time of the disputed call and before play resumes. The official in charge is to notify both teams that the game is being continued under protest.

All protests must be submitted in writing to the Director of Intramurals prior to 4:00pm on the next normal working/class day following the disputed incident. This is to be a detailed account of the circumstances surrounding the protest, presented as unbiased as possible.

Incorrect rule interpretation or incorrect enforcement of rules are not valid reasons for protest. An official’s decision or "judgment calls" are NOT valid bases for protest.

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A. Individuals or teams scheduled to compete at a designated time and place are expected to be present for their competition. Failure to comply will entitle the official in charge to rule the contest forfeited to the individual or team not in compliance with this rule.

B. Failure of both participants or teams to comply with the above stated rule shall result in a double forfeit declared.

C. Any team or individual leaving the field of play prior to the official completion of the contest shall forfeit that contest.

D. Any team guilty of using an ineligible player shall forfeit the contest.

E. If a team acquires two forfeits in the same major sport that team may be declared ineligible for further competition in that sport.

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Because time is normally at a premium and many hours go into scheduling, postponements and rescheduling are discouraged. Only under very extenuating circumstances will a postponement be allowed.

For a postponement to be allowed the following criteria must be met:

1. Both teams must agree to it.

2. Permission must be secured from the Intramural Director.

3. There must be a time agreed upon as when the make-up contest will be rescheduled.

4. Intramural Supervisor and Referees (if applicable) must be scheduled.

5. Field/Gym must be reserved.

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It is the intent and desire of the Intramural Department to provide competent officials. All who wish to officiate for any sport must attend the meeting held prior to the inception of each season. Those who excel in competency will be given more games to officiate.

A. Every living area team is responsible to provide a referee for each sport they register in. Exceptions will be made by the Director of Intramurals and the IM supervisors.

B. Officials will be assigned to games by the supervisor in charge at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled contest(s).

C. If an official cannot make it to their assigned game, they must find a substitute.

D. Officials are expected to arrive at their assigned games at least five (5) minutes prior to the scheduled starting time.

E. Officials representing a living area who do not show up to their scheduled game will cause the living area they are representing to forfeit their next game.

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In the event that a contest should end in a tie, there may or may not be a method of breaking that tie. This will differ from sport to sport but will be made clear beforehand.



1. Head-to head competition during the season.

2. Time permitting, have a one game play-off.

3. Compare records between common opponents.

4. Compare sportsmanship points.

5. Compare point differences between common opponents.

6. Compare point differences between all opponents.

7. Coin toss.


1. Best record among three in head-to-head competition.

2. Compare records between common opponents.

3. Time permitting, have play-off games.

4. Compare sportsmanship points.

5. Compare point differences among common opponents.

6. Compare point differences within head-to-head competition.

7. Coin toss (odd man goes).

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The process by which champions are determined in each intramural event will be defined prior to the inception of each event by the Director of Intramurals. Awards will be presented.

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A. TEAM ACTIVIES (flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and softball):

1. All team captains/Intramural Representatives will submit a registration form for each sport. This form must be filled in and submitted to the Department of Intramural Sports by the announced deadline. Forms are available via email to the Intramural Representative.

2. Participants must meet eligibility criteria stated above.

3. Schedules will be sent as soon as possible via email and/or posted on the Intramural web page.

B. INDIVIDUAL SPORTS Schedules for individual events will be sent to the intramural representatives. It is his/her responsibility to see that all who wish to participate from their living area receive the opportunity to participate. Entry forms will be available via email and are due by the announced deadline. People are also encouraged to sign up on an independent basis. Schedules will be posted.

C. OTHER ACTIVITIES may be held throughout the year in an attempt to allow for a more recreational approach to sports, and to initiate new events. Entry procedures will be announced prior to each of these activities.

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It is suggested that all intramural participants strive for safety and protection as they dress for competition. All regulations are made with safety in mind.

Eye protection, especially for those who wear glasses and mouthpieces are suggested for all activities.

All purpose, rubber soled cleats may be worn for outdoor sporting events. Spikes and metal cleats are never allowed.

Clean tennis shoes must be worn for activities held inside the gymnasium.

Specific regulations will be publicized for each activity.

The Intramural Department reserves the right to disallow the use of anything that it deems dangerous or abusive.

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All individuals and teams are expected to display sportsmanship at all times during Intramural competition. Failure to do so may result in the loss of intramural participation privileges.

Each team will be rated for sportsmanship by the game officials. This rating will be on a numerical scale. Sportsmanship rating will be based on the following criteria:


Excellent conduct and sportsmanship; players cooperate fully with the officials and other team members. The captain calmly converses with the officials about the rule interpretations and calls. The captain also has full control of his/her teammates.


Average conduct and sportsmanship; team members verbally complain about some of the decisions made by the officials and show minor dissent.



Poor conduct and sportsmanship; team constantly comments to the officials and/or opposing team from the field and/or sidelines. The team captain exhibits little or no control over teammates or him/herself (including poor language on the field or sidelines).
Below average conduct and sportsmanship; team shows verbal dissent towards officials and/or opposing players. Captain exhibits minor control (including poor language on the field or sidelines) over his/her teammates, but is in control of him/herself. A team who has a member disqualified because of poor sportsmanship cannot receive a higher rating than 3.


Unacceptable conduct and sportsmanship; team is completely uncooperative. Captain has no control over teammates, and/or him/herself. Any team which has multiple disqualifications may receive a 1 rating.


Officials have the authority to remove any player from competition who is playing in a dangerous manner or displaying unsportsmanlike conduct. Be sure to let the IM supervisor on duty know if you are removing a player.

If a player is ejected from a game for any reason he/she will be warned in writing by the Director of Intramurals. A suspension from further participation in intramural sports will be at the discretion of the Director of Intramurals.

In order to qualify for playoffs, a team must have: 1.) A sufficient win/loss record and 2). A 4.0 average Sportsmanship Rating accumulated during the regular season. In order to remain in play-offs a team must maintain a 4.0 rating.

Out of control conduct; if the game is discontinued due to teams’ poor behavior, a rating of 0 will be given.

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SWEEPSTAKES AWARD (M/W) – presented to the team that has accumulated the most points through participation in the various intramural activities

CHAMPIONSHIP T-SHIRTS (M/W) – presented to the championship team in each of the six major sports (flag football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, ultimate Frisbee, and softball).

SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD – presented to the team that evidences the best display of sportsmanship through intramural participation (voted on by the Intramural Representatives in combination with sportsmanship points throughout the year)


Sweepstakes points will be communicated at the start of a sport. All sweepstakes information can be found in the individual sport rules. Additional sweepstakes points will be given to teams making it to play-offs. Additional points for the champion and runner-up teams/individuals will also be given. Sweepstakes points will be subtracted for forfeits.

Sweepstake standings will periodically be sent out via email to the intramural representatives.

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