The Office of Student Activities is committed to providing quality programs, activities, and special events that create opportunities for whole person and community development through edifying entertainment and creative Christian fellowship.

These opportunities are designed to improve the quality of community life and to promote the development of responsible, involved, and successful citizens and leaders.

In order to accomplish this mission:

  • We implement activities and events that support students where they are and challenge them to enhance their lives outside of their normal paradigm.
  • We provide programs and experiences designed to develop the leadership potential of students. We educate about important leadership concepts and help student achieve the skills necessary for the effective practice of Christian leadership.
  • We encourage the formation of student organizations and provide them with support to maximize their developmental potential and their contribution to community life. We encourage students to become involved with groups in which they have an interest and to grow through their involvement.
  • We assist student organizations in providing cultural, social, recreational, educational, and entertainment programs that contribute to individual growth and the quality of campus and community life.
  • We provide service opportunities on- and off-campus that meet community needs while fostering personal growth. We support faculty and students who engage in service as part of coursework and encourage volunteerism by individuals and organizations outside of the classroom.

To meet these goals, we are committed to:

  • Making opportunities equally accessible to the entire campus.
  • Ensuring that programs and services are developmentally-appropriate and responsive to the differing needs of a varied campus community.
  • Working collaboratively with students, student organizations, University departments, and community groups.
  • Serving and being served to further the kingdom of God--no matter the sacrifice.
  • Engaging in meaningful relationships and providing an environment wherein individuals are empowered to develop their strengths and recognize areas for growth.
  • Involving as many students as possible in the development and implementation of campus events and programs.
  • Walking alongside students to model wise living and to extend compassion, insight, and Christian love.
  • Fostering a challenging and supportive community that appreciates diversity and emphasizes personal integrity, civic responsibility, and mutual respect.


As the staff of the Office of Student Activities, we respect and support shared values that will foster a sense of community in our organization. We are committed to enhancing the whole-person development of each staff member and, therefore, supporting each individual's effort to strive for physical and emotional well-being, intellectual stimulation and growth, positive social interaction, an understanding of vocation, a multicultural perspective, and personal values clarification and spiritual development.

We believe that interdependent working relationships are integral to achieving human development and community, and they provide a foundation for achieving our departmental mission.