Campus Ministries

God has given everyone intricate talents, gifts, and desires for the preaching of the gospel. Within the LETU community, LSM cultivates students’ passion for God, strengthens students’ resolve to share those gifts, and fills the campus with the gospel.

PRAYER & PRAISE: Join us every Sunday night at 9:00pm in Speer Chapel for a time of exalting the Lord through worship, fellowship, and prayer.
Contact: Franklin Hoecke

STALL WALL:  Bi-weekly messages and encouragement posted in the bathroom stalls across the campus.
Contact: Franklin Hoecke

Contact: Franklin Hoecke

GUARDIAN ANGELS: Guardian Angels is a ministry by students to faculty and staff by praying for them by name. A Guardian Angel prays daily for a specific faculty member for an entire semester to hold one of this campus' most important assets up to the Lord.
Leaders Wanted - Contact: Franklin Hoecke

SEE YOU AT THE POLE: Meet at the flagpole once a year to join in Intercessory prayer for our nation.
Watch for announcements in September

BATTLE OF THE BANDS:  Musical fundraiser supporting For the Silent which combats human trafficking.
Contact: Franklin Hoecke