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Aaron Kuecker
Honors College / Theology
Study Topic: Hospitality - a virtue that we will explore and enact
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: TBD
Group Focus: Honors College
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Abigail McBride
Office of the Provost
Study Topic: We plan to study discipleship, probably referring some to Watchman Nee's book, the Normal Christian Life.
Time: Saturday evenings, biweeklyLocation: 1822 Institute Dr. (road behind Tyler Hall)
We are missions minded, prayer and worship oriented, and discipleship is our goal.
Amanda Beck
Global Initiatives
Study Topic: We will study and discuss the book "When Helping Hurts" by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert, as we did last year, but this semester we will focus on how to put this knowledge into action in our own community.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: HHH 132
Group Focus: Global Scholars
By invitation only
Annie Olson
Study Topic: God is a God of passion, abundance, and holiness, and His Word says we should be living passionately, abundantly, and with integrity. How do we do that? What does a life like that look like? God Himself pointed to David and said, "The LORD has sought out a man after his own heart" (1 Samuel 13:14). David was a shepherd, a warrior, and a king; a composer and a singer; a son, a husband, and a father, and a man who learned—often the hard way—to love and trust God. David was a mighty man of faith who felled many kinds of giants. David was also a very human, broken man who sinned greatly and suffered severe defeats. He was, in fact, just like us except that God singled him out as "a man after his own heart." Let's study the life of David, seeking to understand how to become men and woman after God's heart. Our study of David's life will be based on an outstanding book: David: A Man of Passion and Destiny by Charles R. Swindoll. Hopefully, through this study, we will truly come to understand, as David did, "As for God, his way is perfect" (2 Samuel 22:31).
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: HHH 106
Group Focus: Honors Students
Designed to be a chance to connect with honors students, especially those I mentored in previous years and who will soon be graduating, but open to any honors students who want to join.
Audra Boucher
Student Accounts
Study Topic: "Relating to God...Solving the Mystery"
Time: Every other Thursday evening, September 18th - Dec 4thLocation: TBD
Group Focus: female only
Bill Graff
Engineering - Electrical
Study Topic: We will discuss the Bible, weird religions, world events, Ravi Zacharias, Scheaffer, etc.
Time: Sunday Evenings, 7pmLocation: Graff house - 804 Harmon, adjacent to campus
Group Focus: Anyone, but especially students questioning their faith
Come with questions about anything.
Brad Wooden
Aviation and Aeronautical Science - Flight
Study Topic: Apologetics, answering "big" questions: Is there a God? Is He knowable? What is His purpose? Is there sin? Is there hell?
Time: TBDLocation: TBD
Group Focus: Flight Team members and/or Aviation students
Bruce Chase
Aviation and Aeronautical Science - Flight
Study Topic: Pursuing God
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Abbott Aviation Center
Caroline "Carri" Holzman
Study Topic: Proverbs
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: TBD
Group Focus: Homeschooled Students
Daniel and Lauren Ostendorff
History, Political Science and Criminal Justice
Study Topic: We will be looking at Gary Haugen (President of IJM)'s book, The Good News About Injustice
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Village Center
Group Focus: Members of International Justice Mission chapter or those interested in justice
Daniel Van Valkenburg
Student Life
Study Topic: Formation of Desire
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Durham House (Quad 1) RD Apartment
Danny Kambel
Study Topic: "Dare to Be Uncommon" by Tony Dungy - the importance of character in attaining success on and off the field, challenging teams to put what they learn into action.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Wolgemuth Conference Room
Elizabeth Smith
Study Topic: TBD
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: TBD
Harold Carl
Spiritual Life
Study Topic: We will be viewing and discussing "Yes, Your Questions," A collections of the best questions from students at Univ. of Ill., Columbia, Univ. of Mich., Arizona State and Clemson answered by world renowned apologist Ravi Zacharias.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Belcher Center room 167
Jay Gary
School of Business
Study Topic: Gospel of Mark and current events
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: School of Business Faculty/Student Lunch Room
Group Focus: Business students, or any students questioning their faith.
My personal website is
Jesse French
Study Topic: Suffering as if Bound - How do we actually follow the command of Hebrews 13:3 in real life?
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Glaske Conference Room
Group Focus: Engineering Students / by request and interview (email Dr. French)
John Forester
Student Life
Study Topic: Unsure, perhaps "Washed and Waiting" by Wes Hill
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Tyler Hall lobby
Group Focus: Invitation Only
This will be a group discussing Same Sex Attraction, faith, and the Christian campus: If you struggle with homosexual desire and are open to a biblical narrative, this is your book. Your struggle will not be made public, nor will there be discipline because you struggle. If necessary, his group can be treated as Personal Growth Initiative, meaning you struggle with behaviors prohibited and identified in the student handbook and are willing to walk away from them, but don't know how. Email John if you are interested or have questions or concerns.
Karen Bozeman
Literature and Language Arts
Study Topic: We are going to study the series "Time of Your Life" by Andy Stanley
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: HHH 105
Group Focus: Focus is freshmen, but others are welcome
This will be a video-driven study so students will not be reading a book. Video segments are 30-45 minutes in length. I plan to offer fellowship (FREE FOOD!!) at my home for the group during the semester.
Karl Payton
Literature and Language Arts
Study Topic: "The Life You've Always Wanted" by John Ortberg
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: HHH 105
Dr. Payton is the Program Coordinator for Communication Studies at LeTourneau University. He also serves as Senior Pastor at Tyler First Church of the Nazarene. This Life Group is open to the first 15 students who wish to meet on the designated Life Group Chapel Days to explore the implications of holy living in a broken world.
Kelly Liebengood
Global Initiatives, Biblical Studies
Study Topic: Our ultimate aim is to articulate the basics of the Christian faith in a manner that is understandable given their context and background. I order to do this, we will be weaving together small groups discussion questions with Bible study in order to (a) assess the groups understanding of the basic content of the Bible and the foundations of the Christian faith; (b) to better understand their questions and experiences regarding the Christian faith and the way in which that faith is expressed at LeTourneau University. This assessment will be used to enable us to explain the Christian faith in a manner that is fitting with their knowledge and experience of Christianity. In the end, the model for communicating the the Christian faith will be in the form of a narrative that summarizes the witness of the Scriptures. The following questions will be the framing for the narrative: Who are we? Why are we here? What is the problem? What is the Solution? What time is it?
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Development Conference Room
Group Focus: Our group is for international students who do not consider themselves to be Christians.
Kimberly Quiett
Study Topic: Bible study series from Nurses Christian Fellowship titled "Thinking Christianly"
Time: TBD: scheduled around nursing clinicals/classesLocation: MSC2
Group Focus: Nursing Students
Laura Laster
Aviation and Aeronautical Science - Flight Operations
Study Topic: Facing the Unknown / Faith in Everyday Life
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Abbott Aviation Center, Classroom C104
Group Focus: Aeronautical Science majors
Lauren Bradley
Study Topic: God's desire for sex in marriage, based on Dr. Doug Rosenau's book, "A Celebration of Sex: A guide to enjoying God's gift of sexual intimacy"
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Psychology Department Lounge
Group Focus: Women Only
My desire is to nurture growth in our students' marriages and Christian faith through learning what God's intention is for intimate sexual relationships within the context of marriage. I hope to provide a safe place for discussion and learning about a topic that has traditionally been ignored and/or shamed by the Christian community.
Leslie Whitaker
Finance - Accounting
Study Topic: The Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and how we relate to them.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: HHH 104
Group Focus: Females
Luke Ben Tallon
Study Topic: Seeking the Welfare of the City: Loving Longview
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: TBD
Group Focus: Honors Students
Jeremiah tells the Israelite exiles to seek the good of the city in which God has placed them as aliens and strangers. In the New Testament, Christians are referred to as "aliens" and "strangers" living in exile. What would it look like for us "exiles" to seek the good of Longview, Texas? This group will examine the biblical theology of the city, work to develop habits and practices of seeking Longview's good, and pray for our city. In other words, we will devote ourselves to loving Longview and our neighbors here.
Mark Jonah
Theology - Worship Arts
Study Topic: We're probably familiar with the saying "You are what you eat." What about the statement "We are what we sing?" The Christian Church has been a singing place for its entire history. So what's going on today? What’s our "song diet" like? We'll study together using our favorite Christian songs and looking at some songs not so familiar to see if what we are singing is telling the whole Gospel story and helping us grow as Christians.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Belcher Center room 168
Group Focus: Students who are interested in the music we sing as Christians.
Matthew and Amy Henry
CITL (IT, Library and CDT)
Study Topic: Continuing the Faith and Work series
Time: 6:30 every other Friday, starting 8/29Location: Our home
Group Focus: Anyone, but generally international students
Mike Hood
Finance and Administration
Study Topic: Growing as a Disciple of Christ
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Allen Family Student Center, Admin Suite Conference Room
Norman Reese (with Dan Rose)
Study Topic: Brotherhood
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, maybe some othersLocation: Rotate between society houses
Group Focus: Members of LAS, KZX, AO
Philip Stark
Student Life
Study Topic: Living life as a Community/Love/Whatever they are interested in
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Village Center
Richard Baney
Study Topic: Bible principles to help students succeed
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: LH134
Group Focus: Dr. Baney's Cornerstones class
Scott Peluso
Study Topic: I will probably pull things from the book "Crazy Love" (but no reading is required)
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Solheim Room 104
Group Focus: Volleyball players and their friends
Steve Conn
Student Life
Study Topic: Will probably use curriculum and will spend time praying together.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Apartment 10B
Suzanne Merritt
Study Topic: Tony Evans study on end times
Time: Wednesdays at 4pm Oct 1 - Nov 19Location: Solheim
Group Focus: Tennis Team
Terri Deike
Study Topic: Spiritual Warfare
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Solheim Room 104
Terry Dale Cruse
Enrollment Services - Admissions
Study Topic:
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: LH 134 or Admissions Conference Room

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