Life Group Signup - Fall 2017

Audra Boucher
Student Financial Services
Study Topic: We will be studying through the books of I, II, III John and Jude - "Established in Truth...Marked by Love" by John MacArthur
Time: Tuesday evenings starting Aug 29, 7:00pmLocation: MSH 3B
Group Focus: Female only
Ben Goller
Residence Life
Study Topic: Scripture Engagement: interacting with the Bible in a way that provides opportunity for the text to speak for itself. We’ll use different models like Lectio Divina, hand-copying, journaling, memorization and visual art to engage with the Word of God.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Village Center
Bill Peel
Center for Faith and Work
Study Topic: God's Big Story and Your Story: Don't Miss Your Calling
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: LH 134
You have an important part to play in God's Big Story. In our seven sessions, we will look at why God created the universe and gain insight into why God created you and the specific part He intends for you to play.
Brent Baas
Computer Science
Study Topic: Of the World, but not In the World: Conversations about worldly values, Christian liberties, and life after the LeTourneau bubble
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: LH 139
Bruce Chase
Study Topic: 1st and 2nd Timothy
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Abbott Center
Carri Holzman
Financial Aid
Study Topic: TBD
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Registrar Lobby
Group Focus: Homeschooled Students
By Invitation Only
Daniel Ostendorff
Humanities and Social Sciences
Study Topic: Reading God's Word Through African Eyes Together: A Study Guide on the Book of James (Oasis International)
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: HHH Classroom
This year we're going to study the Book of James through the eyes of the Church in Africa. Africa has long held a prominent place in the history of Christianity. Today, the African church is a leader in faithful evangelical Christianity. This semester we will study James with an eye to African sayings, proverbs, culture, and historic faith. With fresh eyes, we'll see how our own experience has shaped our understanding of Scripture and be reminded of the richness that comes from hearing from brothers and sisters in Christ who live in different places, speak different languages, and have different cultures and backgrounds. Join us this semester as we sit, listen, and learn from the Book of James, guided and informed by the voices of our African brothers and sisters.
David Dittenber
Civil Engineering
Study Topic: Christian Responsibility - to the earth, the poor, work, nation, etc.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: TBD
Donna Bayer
Office of the Provost
Study Topic: Right Now Media's "Adulting" Bible Study with Jonathan Pokluda
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Longview Hall - Stebbins Conference Room
Ed and Debbie Rothfus
Spiritual Life
Study Topic: TBD
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, possibly othersLocation: TBD
Group Focus: MKs, TCKs, and anyone who would be interested
Hannah Eisen
Student Life
Study Topic: TBD
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Apt 10B
Group Focus: Girls who went on Beach Reach 2017
By Invitation Only
Jake Hall
Student Life - Achievement Center
Study Topic:
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Commuter Lounge or ASC Media Room
Group Focus: Commuters
Jodie Hilburn
Teacher Education
Study Topic: "Be Still and Know" - a no-frills approach to being quiet before God. I will provide calm worship music and a Bible "journaling/coloring" sheet. The LifeGroup will be held in silence. Prayer Journals will be utilized for prayer requests/praises/answered prayers.
Time: Life Group Chapel Days #2,3,5,6,7; other dates as scheduledLocation: EDUC 227
Group Focus: Education Majors
By Invitation Only
John Tixier
Engineering Technolocy
Study Topic: Apologetics - developing a rational basis for faith in God and the Bible
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, possibly othersLocation: Glaske Classroom C105
Kristy Morgan
Student Life
Study Topic: TBD
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Student Life Conference Room
Laura Laster
Aviation and Aeronautical Science - Flight Operations
Study Topic: Christian faith our current culture - our study will involve use of NOOMA, some podcasts and other relevant media and discussion among the group to explore Christianity in today's culture.
Time: Certain Sunday nights from 5:30-7:00Location: My home in Kilgore
Group Focus: Aviation and Engineering Students
We will have dinner each time we meet.
Marty Lane
Conference and Event Services
Study Topic: A mixture of video lessons about God's will in our lives combined with open discussion and Bible study. Prayer will be included in our sessions.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Belcher Center
Group Focus: Student Workers in AFSC and other as available
Matthew and Amy Henry
Information Technology
Study Topic: TBD at this point, want to hear from students
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Solheim Center - Wolgemuth Conference Room
Meghan Pressley
Study Topic: Either Philippians, I Peter, or Hebrews
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Glaske C107
Group Focus: Females
By Invitation Only
Michael and Julie Schultz
UPD (Michael), School of Education (Julie)
Study Topic: Christ-Centered Relationships
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Corner Cafe - Joyce Conference Room
Phillip Smith
Facilities Services
Study Topic: Freedom 832
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Speer Chapel Prayer Room
Group Focus: Men only
This group is designed to help men gain and maintain moral purity. Group sessions will consist of Bible study, discussion and prayer on these topics. Internet porn is a 2.84 billion dollar industry with one goal in mind: to make more money. Seventy percent of men aged 18-24 view porn weekly. Thirty thousand are watching it right now. Industry tactics use erotic images to ensnare your soul. Just like the enemy of old, they seek to steal your joy, kill your creativity, and destroy your study time. Porn will also rob you of God's financial blessing and keep you in poverty. If you are ready to face this issue head on, this is the group for you. You are not alone in this battle, there is a way out.
Sarah and James Epling
Global Initiatives
Study Topic: We will do a very basic survey of stories from the Bible and discuss how those stories connect with students' home cultures and their experience here in the U.S.
Time: Thursday Nights (9/14, 9/28, 10/5, 10/19, 11/2, 11/16 and 11/30)Location: In our home
Group Focus: International students and Americans who like international "stuff"
By Invitation Only - email SarahEpling@letu.edu if interested
Sebina Johns
Global Campus Student Success
Study Topic: Angie Smith - Seamless Bible Study
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: LH 136
Group Focus: Our study is designed especially for women, but applicable to men
In seven sessions, Seamless covers the people, places and promises of the Bible, tying them together into the greater story of Scripture. Each week of study features key information that ties all of scripture together into the seamless truth of the gospel message and is accompanied by maps, general Bible facts, and word studies.
Shelli and Steve Starrett
Study Topic: We plan to play/sing some bluegrass gospel songs and focus our study time around a song.
Time: Sunday evenings (around 10 times during the semester)Location: Our house - 2881 Lansing Switch Rd., Longview
Group Focus: Those interested in gospel music and fellowship
We plan to serve supper. We may also play ping pong, bumper pool, etc.
Stephanie Berglund
Passage Institute for Youth and Theology
Study Topic: TBD
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, possibly others TBDLocation: TBD - possibly my apartment on campus in married housing 9D
Group Focus: Female students
Steve Conn
Student Life
Study Topic:
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Student Activities office
I am going to encourage my cornerstones students to sign up, but anyone else is welcome to join!
Steven Mason
Office of the Provost
Study Topic: TBD
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: AFSC 224 (Allen Family Student Center Administration Conference Room)
Terry Zeitlow
University Development
Study Topic: Topics on Leadership
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, possibly some Sunday nightsLocation: University Development front office area, or at our home
Tim Calderwood and Thomas LePoidevin
Facilities Services - Groundskeeping
Study Topic: Explanation of Foundational Christian Beliefs and answering any questions you have about what Christians believe, or why they believe. We will strive to foster an environment that is respectful, honest and open. We will have a lesson prepared for each lifegroup, but will gladly put aside the lesson to answer questions whenever they arise.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: HHH C131
This group is for students who are not Christians, who would like to know more about Christianity, have questions about the Christian faith, or disagreements with Christian beliefs or practices.
Tony Zappasodi
Student Life
Study Topic: The Parables
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Education 109 (Conference Room)