Life Group Signup - Spring 2017

Audra Boucher
Student Accounts
Study Topic: Women of the Bible
Time: Alternating Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, 7pmLocation: Married Student Housing - Apartment 3B
Group Focus: Female Students
Bruce Chase
Aviation and Aeronautical Science - Flight
Study Topic:
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Abbott Center - Room TBD
Carri Holzman
Financial Aid
Study Topic: Judges
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Library - Second Floor Lobby
Group Focus: Homeschooled Students
By Invitation Only
Covenant Olatunde
Student Life
Study Topic: The Book of Ephesians
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: AFSC - Commuter Lounge
Group Focus: Commuter Students
This study is going to be really exciting. We are going to be discovering together what our Lord Jesus the Messiah has won for us - his church - by understanding God's great power in us, our lives and the lives of those around us will begin to be transformed and healed.
Dale Lunsford
President's Office
Study Topic: Faith and Work
Time: 2/8, 2/22 and 3/1 from 9-10pm, 3/20, 3/27 and 4/10 during chapel timeLocation: Morscheck Conference Room (AFSC 224)
Daniel Van Valkenburg
Student Life
Study Topic: We are starting an Alpha group. Alpha (alphausa.org) is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith in an open atmosphere. These gatherings typically have food, a video talk, and a small group discussion. There's no obligation to say anything, and there's nothing you can't say. It's an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment.
Time: Wednesday Nights 7-8:30pm plus one full Saturday off-campusLocation: TBD
Group Focus: Any students who would not call themselves Christian
We will meet in a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with delicious desserts, snacks, tea and coffee.
David Dittenber
Civil Engineering
Study Topic: "Them" - trying to understand the motives, concerns, and works of Christ taking place on the "other side" of a divisive culture
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: TBD
Erica Gleason
Student Life
Study Topic: Practicing the Christian Faith: Exploring the Spiritual Disciplines
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: South Hall RD Apartment
This life group is for students wishing to explore more deeply spiritual formation and the spiritual disciplines. I’ll utilize material from Celebration of Discipline by Richard J. Foster and other sources to lead discussion on spiritual disciplines (such as prayer, solitude, service, fasting, etc depending on what group members want to practice) and empower students in their own practice of spiritual disciplines.
Grant Bridgman
Study Topic:
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, plus othersLocation: My office (AFSC / Admissions)
Jan Smith
Spiritual Life (MIR)
Study Topic: We plan to explore how to live a "Triumphant Fragrant Life in Christ", 2 Cor. 2:14,15. Exploring: Spiritual disciplines, Spiritual Warfare, and have a "Quiet" experience.
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, except 5 weeks on the Monday evening at 7pmLocation: MIR Residence (504 Evelyn Drive), April 21st at campus pond
Group Focus: Women only
We will start at 7pm with a lavish dessert and fellowship then a time of Bible study and prayer in groups of two. We plan to end at 8pm. It is an easy walk to my house and will make sure all get back quickly.
Jered Lease and Ruedi Schubarth
Aviation and Aeronautical Science
Study Topic: Christian leadership, Christ-like manliness, purity in relationships
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: AAC C105
Group Focus: Men only
Julie Caldwell
Student Life
Study Topic: Spritual Disciplines and Glorifying God with an Ordinary Life
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Davis Hall RD Apartment
Group Focus: Women
Karl Payton
Humanties and Social Sciences
Study Topic: Our study will feature Andy Stanley's video teaching series on the power of deception
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: HHH 139
Dr. Payton is Professor of Communication Studies and also serves as Pastor of Tyler First Church of the Nazarene. Students joining this Life Group should expect to join in discussions and take an active part in the activities of the group.
Laura Laster
Aviation and Aeronautical Science / Flight Operations
Study Topic: Living a life of faith in our current culture - our study will involve use of podcasts and other relevant media and discussion among the group to explore Christianity in today's culture.
Time: Certain Sunday nights (1/29, 2/12, 2/26, 3/26, 4/9, 4/23) from 5:30-7Location: My home in Kilgore
Group Focus: Aviation and Engineering students
We can provide rides to a limited number of students from campus to our home. Will have dinner each time we meet.
Mark Moland
History / Political Science
Study Topic: "Outrageous Justice" - in this study, prepared by Prison Fellowship, small groups will learn about the challenges in the American criminal justice system and explore how Christians can respond in hands-on ways to pursue justice and bring about true hope, restoration, and healing.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: HHH 106
This study is ideal for Criminal Justice majors or anyone with an interest in how Biblical views of justice connect with the American Criminal Justice system.
Marv Smith
Spiritual Life (MIR)
Study Topic: The Seven Pillars of Financial Wisdom: Biblical principles for living, giving, saving and investing
Time: Mondays, chapel timesLocation: Belcher 167
Matthew and Amy Henry
Information Technology
Study Topic: Fruitfulness on the Frontline
Time: Every other Friday eveningLocation: In our home
Group Focus: By Invitation Only
Nicola Greene
Study Topic:
Time: Life Group Chapel Days, plus Feb 27 and May 1Location: AFSC Media Room
Paul Kubricht
History / Political Science
Study Topic: Randy Newman's book "Questioning Evangelism"
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: HHH 132
Shelly Gribble
School of Business
Study Topic: "Let's All Be Brave" - a video-driven study by Annie Downs. Uses Biblical examples to challenge and equip us to live bravely in our everyday ordinary lives.
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: LH 136
Group Focus: Ladies Only
Steve Sharpe
Study Topic: The Biblical basis for calling and work
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Development Conference Room
Terri Deike
Study Topic: Christian Leadership
Time: Life Group Chapel DaysLocation: Belcher Gym
Group Focus: Freshmen Student-Athletes - By Invitation Only