Chaplain Interns

Chaplain Interns exist to promote spiritual life in campus living areas of LeTourneau University. They seek to enter into the lives of those who live around them in formal and informal ways. They attempt to provide loving and caring spiritual support for all those in their immediate living community. They work as a team with RAs and other student leaders. Chaplain Interns coordinate weekly devotionals in their living areas. They also facilitate small group bible studies, accountability groups and prayer groups. Chaplain Interns also lead their floor in various community service projects throughout the year, including Longview Blitz.

Chaplain Interns 2012-2013

Living Area


Tyler West 1 (1A)

Connor Santillanes

Tyler West 2 (2A)

Joshua Carl

Tyler West 3 (Flooders)

Shafer Hunt

Tyler East 1 (1B)

Matt Joslin

Tyler East 2 (CLUB)

Jared Norgren

Tyler East 3 (3B)

Caleb Jones

Tyler East 4 (4B)

Andrew Smith

Mabee 1


Mabee 2 (Dorm 4)


Mabee 3 (Dorm 4)

Josh Mueller

Penn 1

Tim Calderwood

Penn 2

 Joshua Hulin

Penn 3

David Kirsch


 Brea Carter





Gilbert 1

Ally Ironside

Gilbert 2

Amanda Scott

Gilbert 3

Hannah Burkholder

Thomas 1 West


Thomas 1 East

Ed Peterson

Thomas 2 West (41)

Kendall Beggs

Thomas 2 East (41)

Warren Terrall

Thomas 3 West

Philip Schlaybach

Thomas 3 East

Daniel Story

Davis Hall 1 North

Michael Yeakey

Davis Hall 1 South

David Connelly

Davis Hall 2 North

Tim Wright

Davis Hall 2 South


Davis Hall 3 North

Melanie Dittmer

Davis Hall 3 South

Andrea Long

Quad 1 (Durham)


Quad 2 (Carpenter)


Quad 3 (Howe)


Quad 4 (McKinley)

Immanuel Phiri

South Hall 1 West Ryan Steele
South Hall 1 East Johnathan Mead
South Hall 2 West  
South Hall 2 East  

Female Apartments

April Paul, Alexandria Dale

Male Apartments


Married Students



Brian Bridgewater


James Lewis


Trevor English



Male Commuters Josh Gustav Gannon, Josh Pickel, Glen Frank
Female Commuters  



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