Micah Peacock


About the Artist

For most of us, it’s easy to get caught up living each day for the temporary. Time flies by and glimpses of the eternal that have been set in our hearts go unnoticed. The role of art in today’s world seems most relevant when it can jolt us out of the mundane and give us a taste of the divine. For Micah Peacock, this is a worthy pursuit that he’s definitely got a knack for.

His latest E.P., Unnamed Shades (2013), is an attempt to voice the discovery of a love that goes deeper than words can utter. It expresses the reality that some things we experience in this life are too rich for words. Some things we behold are too beautiful to be captured in an image, and these simple songs are sure to remind each listener of the truth that the subtlest of moments can be the most powerful.

“If you ask me, music should be fun to listen to. It should make you think. It should make you feel. It can take you on a road to places you’ve never been, to some place familiar, or to nowhere in particular. It has the ability to express what is otherwise inexpressible, to take what is intangible and make it real. Music is what takes me from confusion to clarity, from questions to truth, from the temporary to the eternal. It’s my hope that my music can reach people in the same way.”