Dr. Doreen Dodgen-Magee


About the Speaker

Dr. Doreen Dodgen-Magee is a licensed psychologist in Portland, Oregon, maintaining both an individual therapy practice and a national public speaking docket. She has twenty-three years of experience working with adults dealing with issues of loss, depression and anxiety, relationships, and life transitions and has a sub-specialty consulting with parents experiencing difficult child-related dilemmas. She is an author, as well as a frequent guest lecturer in professional, medical, and parenting circles and offers continuing education for psychologists, medical professionals, educators, and administrators.

Doreen’s public speaking style is engaging, quick paced, research based, and continually up-to-date as she endeavors to keep a finger on the pulse of both popular cultural trends and scholarly discourse and research. Doreen excels at creating hospitable spaces, both personally and professionally, allowing people to engage one another and themselves and investigate new ideas. She doesn’t just 'show up, give a talk, and leave.' She invites connection between herself and the audience in multiple ways. She gets the audience active, offering opportunities to apply what they’ve just learned. She investigates the culture into which she is stepping to speak and personalizes every talk to meet the specific needs of each audience.