Tony Zappasodi

RD: Apartments

I began working at LeTourneau University in 2005. For the first four years, I served as the Resident Director of Pennsylvania Hall, Mabee Hall and the Quad (Durham House, Carpenter House, Howe House and McKinley House).  Currently, I am the Resident Director for the Village Apartments (single traditional students) and the Family and Married Student Apartments (Traditional or Graduate students with a family). I also serve as the Coordinator of Housing, as I oversee housing and the ResHall facilities across campus.

Working at LeTourneau has been a homecoming for me. I graduated from LETU in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics. From there I went to Baylor University and earned my Master of Science in Education, concentrating in Student Services Administration. In October of 2005, my wife Katie and I were married in her hometown in Wisconsin. We met here at LETU as students. I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland, for the first half of my childhood, then in Houston after my family moved to Texas.

One of the things that I love about working in residence life is that things are always new. Every year we get a new group of students who join our ranks that generally have no idea what life at LETU is all about. It is a fun process of welcoming those new students into our fold as they begin and continue to learn about life at college and life with our God. It is a privilege that I have the opportunity to walk with and work with students in this formative time of their lives; but it is also sad on graduation day, as it is but a few years that we get to spend with each student.

My wife and I like to travel. We love going to new places and seeing the hidden corners of the world. We love to cook and to try new foods. We love the mountains (Katie likes the Rockies; I like the Smokies) and to hike and explore. We have two baby girls, and life has been very different since their arrivals! They are lots of fun, but keep us busy.