Jake McCurry

RD: Thomas Hall, Family & Married Student Housing

I began my LETU journey in the fall of 2014 as the Resident Director of Thomas Hall. I'm excited to live and work in community with the men of Thomas. Learning the culture and traditions of LETU/Thomas and contributing to them will be one awesomely humid adventure I am ready to dive into.

I came to LETU with my amazing/beautiful wife Amanda from Indiana where we met and both graduated from Taylor University's Master of Arts in Higher Education and Student Development program (MAHE). Before all of this however my roots were established in the Great Pacific Northwest.

I hail from Washington state. Mossyrock, my dear hometown, is a village of 500 people. I would never change growing up in a small place because it developed in me my biggest passion: nature. All I need to do to find joy is throw on my chaos, grab the camping gear, and head out for a steep hike or camping trip. I will also be amazed by the intricate beauty that is creation.

I went from Washington to Azusa Pacific University in Southern California. Azusa is where much of my significant personal growth happened. In that city, I fell in love with serving. From college students, to villagers in Mexico, and nature. Loving on, serving, and engaging thoughtfully with people and the wilderness is one of my deepest callings and I find I am able to interact well with this calling in a University setting, while hiking and camping every chance I get.