South Hall

Our newest Residence Hall on campus, this is also our first residence hall south of the campus mall - thus the name South Hall. This is the first phase of three buildings that will eventually be home to over 600 students.

South Hall was designed to house both genders in separate living areas.Currently men are housed on the first floor and women on the second.

A new feature that we've included in the new hall is one room per floor that will house three students; these triple rooms are in high demand among returning students!

Each wing includes an open floor lounge with a kitchenette and study room. The building also has a large public lobby and kitchen on the first floor. With the exception of the three-person rooms (which have a private bathroom), two rooms share an adjoining bathroom. Each room is carpeted.

Meet Your RD


Greta Johnson

Resident Director,
South Hall

South Hall Lobby


These suites contain & double and one single room (typically used for the RA). Suites are: 110/112, 130/132, 210/212, 230/232, 310/312, & 330/332.


The typical suite in the building, each room houses two students.


A room with a private bathroom, these rooms are designed for three students. There is one room like this on each wing; rooms: 118, 138, 218, 238, 318, & 338.





In addition to the spacious lobby, each floor of South Hall has a private floor lounge with a kitchenette.

Triple Room

South Hall has the added option of larger triple-occupancy rooms with private bathrooms.