International House

The Intersection is where true cultural interaction exists. The Intersection at LeTourneau University provides an amazing opportunity to experience other cultures while pursuing your degree.

International Student Housing (also known as The Intersection) is a multi-cultural living environment that fosters cultural awareness among the LeTourneau student body. Students from over 22 different countries study at LeTourneau and enhance every aspect of campus life.

For our international students, missionary kids, and other third-culture students, The Intersection is designed to be a welcoming place where they can be surrounded by other students with international experience or who have a sincere interest in other cultures.

For our domestic students, The Intersection is an opportunity to learn about other cultures and to provide support for our international students as they adjust to life at LeTourneau and in the USA.

We have one I-House for men and one for women (McKinley House and Howe House). Both buildings are located in the Quad living area of campus. These living areas help to build community among the residents, thanks in large part to the spacious central lounges and fully equipped kitchens where students can enjoy preparing and eating foods from different areas of the world.

Each bedroom comes fully furnished with:

  • Two beds
  • Two desks
  • Two dressers
  • Two chairs
  • Twp bookcases

In a standard Quad suite, Quad rooms are 12' by 14'. Two rooms share an adjoining bathroom. The windows are 38" wide by 70" tall. The window sill is 16" from the floor.

Meet Your RD


Greta Johnson

Resident Director,
The Intersection Student Housing

Howe House - International Student Housing - Women

McKinley House - International Student Housing - Men

Quad Accessible Suite

This suite (rooms 13 & 14 in each Quad) is an accessible suite. The smaller room (mirrored in Howe & McKinley) is designed to be a single room.

Quad Suite

The standard Quad suite. Quad rooms are 12' by 14'. The windows are 38" wide by 70" tall. The window sill is 16" from the floor.