Be prepared.

Check out our EMERGENCY PROCEDURES REFERENCE GUIDE to learn what you should do to be prepared in case of an emergency.  You can also review the  Campus Safety and Emergency Procedures pages of the Student Handbook.

Emergency Campus Communications System (ECCS)

  • Faculty and Staff personnel may sign up by following the link;
    Faculty/Staff ECCS Opt-In Form -- Be informed.  Be prepared.
  • Students may sign up for ECCS notifications
    • during registration each semester, or
    • anytime during the semester by visiting Student Life or your Resident Director

NOTICE: The ECCS system is tested once each semester.  The tests occur on the second Tuesday of the semester at 11:15am.  Testing of the system will only be postponed if an existing emergency is already in progress or is imminent at the time of the scheduled test.

E-911 Emergency Locator Service

This service represents a cooperative effort between the City of Longview and the LETU administration which allows Police/Fire/EMS to pinpoint the exact location of a 911 call. That means a faster and more accurate response to your emergency.

To use the system all you need to do is dial the numbers 9-1-1. 

  • No need to dial “8” for an outside line. 
  • Connects immediately with City of Longview Public Safety Communications Center at the Police Department. 
  • Appropriate responders (Police, Fire, EMS personnel) and help will be on the way. 
  • University Police will also be notified so that we may join local service providers in being first responders to your exact location and provide whatever follow-up and support you may need.

Calling E-911 from a cell phone:

  • The City of Longview maintains a number of agreements with various cell service providers by which they may isolate the exact location of an individual by way of their cell phone signal. This GIS service can be as accurate as to within 25 or 50 feet of an exact location. However, it’s important that a caller remain on the line with dispatchers as long as possible to fully describe and identify your exact location to assure the best possible response.

Be aware that it is a criminal offense to misuse or place prank calls on this very important service to the LeTourneau community. Public Safety Communications administrative personnel will actively pursue prosecution of any person or persons found to be falsely reporting crimes or falsely causing emergency personnel to respond to any form of call.