The Value of Online Education

It’s well-known that earning a college education can increase your lifetime earnings by as much as one million dollars. But for many people, the cost of a college degree is beyond their reach.

Online education can remove this obstacle. While online tuition can cost the same as traditional tuition, it doesn’t have the expense of room and board – which can add an additional $20,000 a year. The affordability of an online degree means that many more people can enjoy the benefits of a college education.

The reduced cost is attractive, of course, but you’re probably wondering, “What do employers think of an online degree? Do they consider it valuable?”

Yes they do. A recent study shows that nearly 80 percent of corporate managers rated an online/distance degree to be “as good as” a traditional degree. In fact, other research has suggested that in the areas of cognitive learning, an online education can even provide a superior learning experience.

An online degree is valued by employers, but how do you know you’re choosing a reputable university? Your first step is to choose a school that is accredited by organizations recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.