Housing Application - Off Campus

Petition To Live Off Campus

Personal Information

Full Name:*


CPO: (Use 000 if you are an incoming Freshman or Transfer student)*
ID Number:*
Last Four Digits of Your Social Security Number:
Student's Email Address:*
Student's Birthdate:*
Semester in which you desire to begin living off-campus:*
Year(s) in which you desire to live off campus:*


Please check the items that describes your situation:
Residing with parents or legal guardian
22 years of age or older on the first day of class
Married or a custodial parent
Received a 4-year degree from another college or university, or have completed 8 semesters of enrollment at LeTourneau University
Part-time student (enrolled in 6 hours or less)
Served a least 2 years of continuous active military duty
Senior Option (90+ credit hours completed; 3.0 or greater cumulative GPA by the first day of class; and no academic, chapel, or disciplinary probation during the previous 3 semesters)

Appeals Process:

By checking this box, I affirm that I do not meet any of the above qualifications; rather, I believe my situation is extenuating and should be reviewed the Residency Committee. I acknowledge that the Committee meets within the last two weeks of each semester, and that the committee's decision will arrive shortly before the end of the semester.
Please describe your reason(s) for appealing:
Please describe your proposed living situation (i.e. where, with whom, finances, etc.):*
Housing Assignments:*
I understand that if I currently have a housing assignment on campus for any of the semesters listed above, once approved to live off-campus I will be removed from housing for the semesters listed above.
If you do not wish to be removed, please contact the ResLife Office immediately after submitting this application.
Lifestyle Standards:*
I also understand that even though I am living off-campus, I still agree to comply with the guidelines and regulations described in the LeTourneau University Student Handbook.
As outlined in the Student Handbook, I agree to reside in my off-campus housing location at or under the occupancy limits set for that residence by the homeowner, landlord, and/or city ordinance.
As outlined in the Student Handbook, I will represent LeTourneau University well in how I care for the home and property.
Upon or before moving off-campus, I will obtain a 'commuter' parking permit from University Police to replace any previous parking permits that I have obtained.
I will provide the Office of Student Affairs my local address and phone number by the end of the first week of classes each semester. I also acknowledge that my failure to provide this information will result in a $50 per week late fee that will be assessed to my student account.

Housing Information:

If you already know your local address for the semester in which you will begin to live off-campus, please use this link to submit that information to the Office of Student Affairs. This link will also be sent to you in a confirmation email.

If you do not yet know your local address, please save the confirmation email and submit your address through the linked form prior to the end of the first week of classes.

Will you be living at home with your parent(s) or legal guardian?*
Name(s) of Parents (or legal guardian):
Parent (or legal guardian) Email:*
Parent Phone (home, cell, or work):*

Please check this box ONLY if you will be living at home with your parent(s) or legal guardian. If you will be living at home and do not check this box, your application will be delayed.

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