LeTourneau University Housing Application

LeTourneau University Intersection Housing Application

The Intersection is our on-campus living area specifically designed to focus on different cultures. This optional living area is designed to offer additional support and resources for the specific challenges international students may face while studying abroad in the USA.  These resources are also aimed at helping missionary kids, and other third-culture students, adjust to life State-side. And for our domestic students who desire to meet and interact with international students, The Intersection is a great opportunity to "study abroad" without a passport.

Our hope for students who choose to live in The Intersection is we can provide a safe place to adjust to LeTourneau, Texas, and the USA.  We recognize that new students often have the biggest adjustment, so housing preference in this living area is for new students.  We expect to be able to house several returning students in this living area each year.

If you do not wish to live in this optional living area, please do NOT fill out this form.

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