What is Vision?

The Bible teaches that without vision, the people perish (Proverbs 29:18). Vision is important. Power is found in focusing on a future that we can visualize and articulate.

Vision emerges when we ask the question, "What is God leading us to create?" It begins with the empowering realization that with God's grace, we can create our future.

Vision is something we can see in our mind's eye. Creating vision is the process of collectively painting a picture of our destiny. It is more than words. It is more than a solution to a problem. It is an intellectual, emotional, and spiritual depiction of a God-honoring destination.

Vision is inspired. It is a force that compels us onward. Vision stirs us to see beyond today and expand our impact. An effective vision mobilizes our alumni, friends, and constituents to join us in our calling.

Vision commands commitment not compliance. As individuals, we derive great satisfaction in joining with other like-minded brothers and sisters to work toward a common vision—a vision worthy of our commitment.

Vision requires courage. It can make us uncomfortable because it requires much of us.

Vision is a rudder. Once in place, it is capable or steering our daily decisions. As Christians, we are compelled to discover God's vision for LeTourneau University

Dale A. Lunsford, Ph.D.