Board of Trustees

Paul Abbott

LETU Board Member Since: 2002
Covington Aircraft   
Paul is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Covington Aircraft Engines. Paul graduated from LETU in aviation technology with a certification in Airframe Powerplant License and Private Pilot License. He depends on Christ daily and seeks His guidance in every decision he makes as he serves the Lord of his life.
At the church Paul attends, he is involved as a deacon, Sunday school director and teacher, and he also serves on a personal team. He is a leader in his community, serving on different boards, including a bank, an economic development board, a hospital, a safety program for pilots, and a retirement community.
Commitment to LETU:
Paul is currently serving as the secretary for the LETU Board of Trustees. As an alumnus and a longtime supporter of LETU and aeronautical science, he actively shares how God has blessed him in his business. He has displayed his aircraft passion and business at career fairs and has supported LETU for many years. Paul's oldest son also graduated from LeTourneau.

Bill Anderson

LETU Board Member Since: 2007
Executive Mentor & Consultant to CEOs
Bill Anderson Consulting



Bill is a cum laude graduate of LeTourneau College where he studied Bible and missionary technology. He continued his education through various business and management programs in business training and leadership development. Bill served as the president and CEO of Christian Booksellers Association for more than 20 years. He has made frequent appearances in the media during his time with CBA, featuring on numerous national radio, television programs and other national print media. He has served on nine boards of directors including industry, ministry, education, business, and leadership organizations.

Bill is faithfully active in his local church serving as a lay leader, Sunday school teacher, youth group leader and sponsor, and elder.

Commitment to LETU:
Bill and his wife, Nan, met while at LETU. He has been actively involved in alumni meetings and providing support to the university. Bill joyously pursues his work and leadership skills by focusing on missions and ministry in his workplace.

Patrick A. Bertsche

LETU Board Member Since: 1996
Matrix Design, LLC
Patrick graduated from LETU in 1989 with a degree in industrial management. Previously, he served as the superintendent of the Westminster Christian School, where he formerly served as president of its board. Prior to his work with Westminster, he served as the vice president of operations at Camcraft, Inc. In his professional career, Patrick has been involved with financial management, strategic planning and the operational details of running a business. Patrick is an active member of his church.
Commitment to LETU:
Patrick is currently the chair of the LETU Board of Trustees. Since his graduation from LETU in 1989, he has coordinated alumni meetings in Phoenix and Chicago and has hosted numerous alumni events in his home. In 2010, he served on the Trustee Committee for the Strategic Plan. Patrick’s wife also graduated from LETU in 1989 with a bachelor’s in business.

Joe Bickley

LETU Board Member Since: 2010
CPA, Owner/President
Bickley Prescott & Co.
Joe Bickley works as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and co-owns an accounting firm. He is involved in his State Chapter of CPAs and State Society of CPAs. In his community, Joe is a founding member of the Spina Bifida Association and a member of the Rotary Club. He has also been involved in many committees at his alma mater, including the President’s Council.
At his home church, Joe has committed his time to serving as a deacon and as a member of the Finance Committee.
Commitment to LETU:
Joe is a newer member to LETU’s Trustee Board. He brings many years of financial experience and leadership to his role as a trustee. Joe is excited about the vision of LETU and has already enjoyed supporting the university in various ways.

Sheree R. Cosa

LETU Board Member Since: 2008
National Account Manager
Commercial Printing Solutions
Sheree is a national account manager for Commercial Printing. She graduated from LETU in 1979 with a bachelor's degree in business administration. Her professional experience includes business, advertising/marketing and manufacturing.
Over the years, Sheree has been involved at her church by teaching Sunday school and serving as Awana director. She and her husband José are very involved with youth.
Commitment to LETU:
During Sheree's years as a student at LETU, she worked in the admissions office. Her husband José received his degree from LETU in 1979 as well. Over the years they have supported LETU students in numerous ways.

Dave Cottrill

LETU Board Member Since: 2008
Pace Executive Services, Inc.
Dave graduated from LETU in 1980 with a degree in mechanical engineering. He currently serves as the president of Pace Executive Services, Inc. He has owned his business for over 22 years and is both an engineer and entrepreneur.
He has been very involved in his church and other ministry opportunities. Dave has served on the Parent Advisor Board for Young Life—Niagara Region, Vision Casting Team at Harbour and as director of the Canadian Board of CAM International.
Commitment to LETU:
After Dave's graduation in 1980, he worked in the admissions department for two years. His wife, Judy, also attended LETU. From 2001-2003, Dave has served as the alumni representative on the LETU Board of Trustees.

David Dykes

LETU Board Member Since: 2013
Senior Pastor
Green Acres Baptist church



Currently the senior pastor at one of the largest churches in East Texas, David is well respected as an effective Bible teacher and servant leader. He graduated from Samford University with a bachelor of arts in 1975 and continued on to pursue graduate work at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. There he received his Master of Divinity and his Doctor of Ministry. Also, in 2005 at Cambridge University in England, David continued post-doctoral work. He has written 11 books, has experience as a private pilot and in fundraising efforts, and has served as a member of several boards.

Commitment to LETU:
David has served by vocally supporting LETU, and as a newer member to the board, David brings the perspective and leadership of a senior pastor. He has previously spoken at LeTourneau University and visited the campus numerous times.

Gene Frost 

LETU Board Member Since: 2012
Head of School
Wheaton Academy
Gene graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in religious studies. Later he received his divinity degree from Northern Baptist Theological Seminary and his doctorate in education from Northern Illinois University. He has many years of experience working in education, ministry, business and finance, insurance, and resource development. His life's passion is devoted to Christian education and he strongly believes in the importance of a Christian education aiding a believer to grow in faith and into a lifetime of service and ministry. Currently, he serves in Christian education as the Head of School at Wheaton Academy, in Chicago, Ill. He has been a leader in various non-profit and corporate boards, and he has served as a President and CEO of HOSTS Corporation.
Over the years, Gene has been faithfully involved in the church. He is a former youth pastor and currently serves on his local church's planning committee, board, and as a Sunday school teacher.
Commitment to LETU:
Although Gene's involvement with LETU only spans a limited time thus far, he has been familiar with the ministry of LeTourneau throughout his life. He brings strength and quality to the university as a new member on the LETU Board of Trustees.

Paul E. Glaske

LETU Board Member Since: 1975
Manufacturing CEO/Chair
Blue Bird Corporation
Paul is a decorated businessman and is currently retired, though he is active on several corporate boards nationally. Before his retirement, he was the manufacturing CEO & chairman of Blue Bird Corporation. His professional career has included time at a variety of companies, corporations and institutions.
Always involved in his community, Paul has been a part of many organizations and boards over the years, including Good Shepherd Medical Center, YMCA, Pine Cove Camps, United Way and the Texas Association of Business.
Commitment to LETU:
Paul has a long, dedicated history with LETU. He served as the vice president for business and finance at the university from 1963 until 1968 when he left to become the vice president of LeTourneau Company. Paul has been a trustee for 35 years, was the board chairman from 1988-1999, and treasurer for several years.
The Paul E. Glaske Center for Engineering, Science and Technology is named in honor of Paul and his wife, Jackie. In 2006-2007, he served as the chair of the LETU Presidential Search Committee and in 2010, he served on the Trustee Committee for the Strategic Plan. 

Robin Guyer

LETU Member Since: 2011
Bunker Hill Supply Company
Robin owns an agricultural service company and has been heavily involved in his local church as well as developing a new church with his wife. Robin has been a leader in several ways. Some include school boards, development boards, county boards, and agricultural associations. In addition to these, he is a newer member of the Board of Trustees for LeTourneau University.
Commitment to LETU:
Robin and his wife support LeTourneau University and the importance of a Christian higher education that LETU offers. He is a newer member of the LETU Board of Trustees and his membership adds a strong Christian leadership to the board.

Joe Bob Joyce, Sr.

LETU Board Member Since: 2009
Joyce Crane Service
Joe Bob Joyce is the founder and owner of Joyce Crane Service. He maintains his business at various locations in Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Joe is also very involved in his community and home church. He has served on various boards and committees including the Safety Council of East Texas, Specialized Carriers and Riggers Association Foundation, and Eastman Chemical Contractor Safety Council Board.
Joe uses his experience in financial management in positions at this local church such as deacon, treasurer, and chairman of the Finance Committee. He also serves on the Debt Reduction Campaign and Stewardship Campaign at his home church.
Commitment to LETU:
Joe was elected as Trustee in 2009. However, he has been involved with LeTourneau University for several years in numerous roles. He served on the 2008 Phoenix Planning Committee for the golf outing, as a member of the 2008 Vision Campaign Committee, on LETU’s President’s Advisory Council (PAC), and has provided support for the Baja and Scholarship student teams.

Loren Leman

LETU Board Member Since: 2007
Michael L. Foster & Associates
Currently, Loren works as the vice president of Michael L. Foster & Associates. His professional career has covered engineering, public service and resource development, among others.
His political career in the state of Alaska began as a state representative from 1989-1993. From 1993-2002, Loren was a state senator until he became the Alaska Lieutenant Governor from 2002-2006. Additionally, he is an engineering consultant and fisherman.
Loren has served on many government, community and church boards, as well as committees and task forces. As a native Alaskan, he has worked as a commercial salmon fisherman since 1959.
Commitment to LETU:
Loren attended LETU as a freshman until he transferred to Oregon State University to pursue civil engineering, an academic major not offered at LETU until 2009. In 2005, he was the commencement speaker at LETU’s graduation ceremony, and he has been the featured speaker at a leadership symposium.

Bud McGuire

LETU Board Member Since: 2002
Alpha Petroleum Services
Bud graduated from LeTourneau College in 1966 with a bachelor of science degree in industrial engineering. He began his career as a production engineer with Conoco Oil Corporation in 1966 and continued on to serve in high leadership positions in several companies. He is now the principal of Alpha Petroleum Services, as well as a devoted Sunday school teacher. Bud also serves in other various committees and charitable efforts.
LETU Commitment:
Since 1999, Bud has served on the Advisory Council of the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology at LETU. He has also served on the Board of Trustees of LeTourneau for several years, offering great support.

Nancy Mendez

LETU Board Member Since: 1990
Assistant City Manager
City of Whittier, Calif.
Nancy is the assistant city manager for the City of Whittier, California. Prior to her current position, Nancy worked as the director of human resources for the city. She also has experience as an intermediate schoolteacher and program director at Emerald Cove Camp.
She received her teaching certification and bachelor’s degree in physical education/recreational administration from Biola University. Nancy is very involved in her community and church. She has served with the American Cancer Society, several PTAs and Whittier College. Additionally, she has taught children and adult classes, led times of fellowships at her church, and has been a host family in a Japanese exchange program.
Commitment to LETU:
Nancy has served as the chair and the vice chair of the LETU Board of Trustees in the past. She attended LETU for three years before finishing her degree at Biola. During her time as a student, she traveled as a member of the LETU Singers.

Dr. Larry Mercer

LETU Board Member Since: 2000
Executive Consultant/Leadership Coach
Therapon Leadership Services
Larry's work experience has included interaction with the public school system, adult prison system, local church ministry, juvenile justice system and Christian higher education. Prior to his current position, he was the president of Washington Bible College/Capitol Bible Seminary and senior vice president for media and church ministries at Moody Bible Institute.
He received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from East Carolina University and a master of theology in pastoral ministries and doctor of ministry in education from Dallas Theological Seminary. Larry has served as Sunday school teacher, deacon, elder and associate pastor. He speaks at churches and Christian conferences around the country and has authored one book on Christian parenting.
Commitment to LETU:
Larry is currently serving as the vice chair for the LETU Board of Trustees. He assisted LETU by conducting a cultural competency audit and guided the university in its faith-based cultural competency training. The Mercers’ daughter Michele graduated from LETU in 2007.

Paul Montgomery

LETU Board Member Since: 2004
Portfolio Manager
Scotia Partners, LLC



Paul is a graduate of The King’s College with a bachelor of arts in psychology. Currently he serves as a portfolio manager for Scotia Partners, LLC, and has served for numerous years on the Board of Directors of UFM International, now CrossWorld an organization with about 400 missionaries. He has extensive experience in finance and fiscal responsibilities, investments, personal financial planning, business and entrepreneurship, and in supporting ministry organizations in various ways.

Paul and his wife, Carolyn, have traveled widely to places in Europe, Brazil and Haiti on mission trips.

Commitment to LETU:
Paul believes in the value of Christian higher education. He strongly supports LETU’s mission to educate students to integrate their faith in the workplace.

Kenneth Moore

LETU Board Member Since: 2006
Airline Pilot, Captain
Ken has prior experience as a naval carrier pilot and petroleum engineer for an oil field service company. He received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering (aerospace option) from LETU, and his master’s degree in aeronautical systems from the University of West Florida. 
At his local church, Ken currently serves as a deacon and elder. He has also been a member of the Board of Trustees for the Missionary Tech Team.
Commitment to LETU:
Ken received his bachelor's degree from LETU in 1972 and was very involved in campus government while he was a student. During his senior year, he served as the LETU student body president. Ken met his wife at LeTourneau. He has spoken in chapel, has been a guest lecturer for introductory-level aviation courses, and has hosted students in his home over the years. He served as the alumni representative on the Board of Trustees from 1999-2001, and as the secretary of the board in the past.

Tim Morscheck

LETU Board Member Since: 2010
Innovation and Technology Consultant
Timothy J. Morscheck, LLC
Tim Morscheck's current profession is the innovative and technology consultant of Timothy J. Morscheck, LLC. Tim began his career with Eaton Corporation in 1971, eventually working his way up through the company as vice president. He received his master’s degree in fluid dynamics from the University of Michigan Dearborn in 1975.
Tim has been involved in his church since 1986. During this time, he has held multiple positions including operations manager, deacon, chairman of deacons and Sunday school teacher.
Commitment to LETU:
Tim is a newer member of the LETU Trustee board. He is a 1971 graduate from LETU with a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering (aero option). While at LETU, Tim held multiple positions in student senate, including student body president from 1970-1971. Since graduating, Tim has returned to visit campus on Alumni Day and has led dorm floor devotions. He has also assisted LETU students with their job search after graduation through recruitment for Eaton Corporation.

James Nolt

LETU Board Member Since: 2012
Consultant - American Hydro
(Retired) Owner & V.P. of Operations
American Hydro Corp
In 1974, James graduated from LeTourneau with a Bachelor of Science degree in welding engineering and later he received a master's degree in welding engineering from Ohio State University. After working for the Battelle Memorial Institute and as a manager with Allis Chalmers Corporation, he co-founded American Hydro Corporation in 1986. He has been actively participating as a consultant since the company was sold in 2010. A former president of the Central Pennsylvania Section of the American Welding Society, James has also served as the president of his country club and on the board of directors of a regional bank. 
Commitment to LETU:
James has been with LeTourneau since his college years as a welding engineering student. He has generously gifted the university, and his new membership on the Board of Trustees brings talent and strength. 

Doug Roszhart

LETU Board Member Since: 2013
Principle Multi-Discipline Engineer
L-3 Communications



Doug is an alumnus of LeTourneau University. He holds an associate’s degree in design technology as well as a bachelors in mechanical engineering from LETU. He is currently involved in aeronautical engineering with L-3 Communications, and has extensive experience in technical engineering, aeronautics, and public service. He also serves on several boards and committees.

He is involved in his church as a deacon, and has supported and served with numerous ministry teams such as AWANA, choir, missions, and financial teams.

Commitment to LETU:

Doug is the Alumni Representative for the LETU Board of Trustees. He has served on the Alumni Council for LETU, coordinated corporate sponsorship of design competition, and worked with the career center in recruiting graduates.

James Schreder

 LETU Board Member Since: 2010
 Civil Engineering
 Danjon Engineering, Inc.
Jim is the president and owner of Danjon Engineering. With 24 years of experience in civil engineering, Jim has taught an engineering class at Biola University. From 1993-1999, he also owned an investment advisor firm. For his master’s degree in civil engineering, he attended California State University at Long Beach. Jim has been a licensed, professional civil engineer in California since 1987.
In his community, Jim is involved as chairman of the board for the Skylight Foundation, a non-profit organization for pastoral and disability housing. He has also been a committed Trustee Board chairman at his home church. 
Commitment to LETU:
Jim is a newer member of the trustee board at LETU. His father was on the board in the 1990s, and Jim is following this new family tradition. He is excited to bring his experience from various financial boards and his background in civil engineering to his role as trustee at LETU.  

John Solheim

LETU Board Member Since: 1992
Karsten/PING Manufacturing Corp.


John is the president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of two companies: Karsten Manufacturing Company and PING. He has managed PING Golf Clubs (PING Inc.) and its subsidiaries in several countries. He has extensive experience in business management and leadership positions.
Commitment to LETU:
John attended LETU as a student in 1964. Since then, he has hosted many golf tournaments in Phoenix and been involved in several LETU alumni events. He supports the university athletics teams and employs several LETU graduates in his companies. John has also chaired the Facilities Committee on the Board of Trustees.

Merle Stoltzfus

LETU Board Member Since: 1997
Real Estate Development
Stoltzfus Enterprises, Ltd.
Merle works as a general partner for Stoltzfus Enterprises, Ltd. His professional background also includes work as a real estate developer and owner/operator of a public water and sewer company.
He has served as the Elverson Borough Revitalization Grant Acquisition committee chair, member of the West Nantmeal Township transportation advisory committee, capital campaign chair for two campaigns and an elder/worship leader at his local church.
Commitment to LETU:
Merle graduated from LETU in 1971 with a degree in electrical engineering technology. He is currently serving as the treasurer on the trustee board at LETU. He has served on the board and held the office of chair and treasurer in previous years. During most board meetings, Merle brings a group of prospective students with him to campus. Merle and Diane’s daughter Katelyn graduated from LETU in 2008; daughter Corinne recently graduated from LETU in 2012.

Dean Waskowiak

LETU Board Member Since: 2012
President & CEO
Encore Multimedia Advertising
Dean graduated from LeTourneau University with a Bachelor of Arts in history and political science, as well as an associate's degree in design technology. He has years of experience in business, insurance, ministry, public service, advertising and marketing. He is the founder and currently the president of Encore Multimedia, a local advertising agency that serves companies throughout the nation. 
Dean has led Bible studies, mentored groups, taught classes, served on numerous committees, and continues to maintain personal involvement in various Christian and non-profit organizations. 
Commitment to LETU:
Dean has been a part of LeTourneau in many ways for a long time. He has served as a member of the Alumni Council for 15 years, and also as the Alumni Council Representative to the Board of Trustees. He was named the university's Alumni of the Year in 2004, and in 2012 he was given the LeTourneau Distinguished Service Award. He has been a chapel speaker, a guest teacher for different classes and dorm devotions, and has provided professional service and generosity to the university.

Trustees Emeritus:

Dr. Joel Carpenter IV
Dr. Richard C. Chewning
Dr. Billy J. Harris