Going Green at LETU

University Wide Efforts

  • President Lunsford appoints Christian Lehman to oversee LETU's green efforts
  • Trayless Tuesdays in the Corner CafĂ© conserves water & reduces waste
  • Integrated energy management solution for HVAC controls
  • Electronic documents/files replacing paper
  • New netbook laptops are more power-efficient
  • Majority of campus lighted by T8 energy star rated
  • Printer cartridges recycled by School of Business students
  • Office furniture “free-cycled”
  • Paper-shredding company recycles
  • Unplugging cell phone chargers and digital picture frames
  • Recycling old letterhead/forms into notepads
  • Encouraging faculty/staff to turn off office lights when leaving for 5+ minutes

Business & Administration

  • Energy Smart power supply units in new desktops & servers
  • Energy efficient LCD monitors at 97%, replacing CRT monitors
  • Desktop virtualization controls multiple networked computers
  • Server virtualization savings in data center
  • Thomas Hall—pilot program uses two-way toilet handles, using about half the water
  • Police & custodial staff turn off unnecessary lighting—weekends, evenings and holidays
  • University Police use foot & bicycle patrols
  • Athletic fields irrigated with rain water
  • Rechargeable electric golf carts used
  • Riding bicycles to work/around campus when possible

Development Office

  • Recycles paper, aluminum cans and printer cartridges
  • Proceeds from aluminum cans donated to charity
  • Refurbishment & reuse of printer cartridges
  • Using rechargeable batteries in cordless mice

External Relations

  • Summer NOW offers electronic publication; to date 100+ responses will “go green”
  • Electronic enrollment communications replace paper: inquiries, applications, newsletters, FAFSA, etc.


  • Volunteer to coordinate an end-of-year recycling effort for old clothes, computers, etc. in the residence halls
  • Volunteer to serve on a LETU-Green Committee to review areas for campus improvement
  • Send your ideas for sustainable recycling efforts to ChristianLehman@letu.edu


How is LETU “greening up” these days? Here are some examples of what we’re doing to be better stewards of God's creation.