Students Speak. LETU Listens.

Carol Green, Ph.D.

Written and Photographed by Janet Ragland


Changes in LeTourneau University’s working adult program last August provide more flexibility and are a direct response to listening to students, according to Dr. Carol Green, now in her second year as vice president for LETU’s School of Graduate and Professional Studies.

“We moved to a semester schedule, with three modules offered each of the fall, spring and summer semesters,

with multiple classes offered within each module,” Green said. “If students are taking classes on ground but know they will be out of town for several weeks, they can switch to an online course for their next module without an overlap or a delay in their plan to graduate. When they finish the online class, they can return to taking courses on ground. By making these changes, we have given students much more flexibility in their schedules. ”

The changes include:

• Financial aid is more timely and easier to understand on the semester schedule and allows students to set up a payment plan.

• Students can register online for the courses and instructors they prefer.

• Students can purchase textbooks that are either new, used, or e-books through the university’s preferred provider, or they can buy their books from other online booksellers.

• Students can see course content and participate with their instructor before classes formally begin to see how

course requirements will fit into their schedules.

• Students have more opportunity to travel abroad for educational experiences, like a recent trip to Chile or a trip this spring to Costa Rica.

• Students can enter LETU’s graduate programs immediately after completing their bachelor degrees instead of having to be 23 years old with three years of work experience.

• Students can attend part time and still qualify for financial aid.

• Students have added opportunities for networking with other students and alumni through new events like “Spiritual Emphasis Week” and “Business Through the Eyes of Faith” seminars.

• Networking and alumni events will be available to all current students, alumni and students who completed the Postbaccalaureate Accelerated Certification for Teachers (PACT) program.

“Most of our online students live within one hour of our educational centers, but they find the online format to be more convenient,” Green said. “Our new seminar events can help increase student interaction and give them a sense of larger community. LETU’s network is so much bigger than many think.”

Green came to LETU with 14 years of experience in adult education at other institutions including George Fox University and Wayland Baptist University. She holds her master’s and doctorate degrees in history from Texas Tech.

“Carol has brought a fresh look at our current conditions and is making the right adjustments to meet the changing needs in the marketplace,” said Dr. Robert Hudson, LETU executive vice president for Academic Affairs.

“She has helped us move from an old paradigm and is providing outstanding leadership while building on our core competencies and our Christian education tradition.”

NOW Winter/Spring 2009-10