Style Guidelines


The University Web site will adhere to the established graphic identity and display a consistent style throughout the entirety of its pages. The implemented CMS templates define a look and feel for the Web site that dictates background and font color standards. These standards should only be overridden in special circumstances, as approved by the University Web team.

When creating and editing content, Web Content Managers should adhere to the formatting standards within the CMS page editor. This includes font size and paragraph style. While the University Web team welcomes creative content, Web Content Managers are asked to limit graphic content and page formatting to that which seamlessly flows with the template design and related page design/formatting. The University Web team will edit submitted content appropriately to achieve this goal as needed.

Basic style guidelines

for all content hosted on the LeTourneau University Web site ( include:

  • Format all text in Arial, the font standard for all CMS content on the University Web site.
  • Adhere to the standard font color for all heading and body copy
  • Eliminate excess spacing between paragraphs.
  • Select heading sizes from the specified range of formatting standards.
    • The standard heading size is ‘heading 2’.
    • The standard subheading size is ‘headline 3’.
  • Select additional text sizes from the specified range of sizing options.
    • The standard size for body text is ‘normal’.
    • Avoid using font sizes smaller than this standard, as to maintain consistency and legibility.
  • Use additional text formatting (bold, italics, etc.) minimally, to maintain effectiveness.
  • Assure no page headings are duplicated (for example, eliminate the second redundant heading if identical copy is included in both the header graphic and content body).
  • Refrain from using background colors and/or graphics in addition to from the template standard.

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