Window Signage

All window signage within any LeTourneau University campus buildings MUST be approved by University Marketing & Communications prior to purchase.

Window Signage Graphic
Please adhere to the following standard when purchasing window/glass signage for university buildings. This design has been approved as the standard for window/glass signage decals announcing LETU locations, offices and academic schools. Note: No department names will be used on the school decals.

Size and Placement Specifications
Window signage decals must be placed in a manner in which they have, at minimum, a four-inch area of isolation around them. The top of the decals should be placed at approximately eye level. 


Appropriate examples are as follows:




The standard above applies to the following university locations and academic schools. This is not a definitively inclusive list. For questions regarding the graphic standard for university window signage, please contact the Director of University Marketing & Communications.


Longview Campus

School of Engineering & Engineering Technology

School of Education—Education Building, 1st and 2nd Floor

School of Arts & Sciences—Heath-Hardwick Hall

School of Arts & Sciences—Glaske Center

School of Aeronautical Science—Abbott Aviation Center

School of Business—Longview Hall

Achievement Center

Dallas Educational Center

Houston Educational Center