School of Education

Student Teaching

Our teacher education students start gaining experience in the classroom from year one, and they don't stop until they graduate.

Throughout their time at LeTourneau, they observe and participate in classrooms in public and/or private schools, learning what it takes to be a great educator from those who know: seasoned teachers.

Our students can also attend education conferences held on campus each year or take their education international by participating in our numerous study abroad programs.


Psychology Practicum

Since psychology attempts to understand people and their behavior, there's no better way to learn to apply psychology than by working with people. 

We encourage all of our psychology students to participate in practicums, which allow them to apply the knowledge they have learned while acquiring new, valuable career skills at the same time. 

While you're here, check out the psychology department's new five year Counseling Psychology B.S. + Master of Arts in Marriage and Family Therapy


Kinesiology Internships

To prepare our Kinesiology students for their future careers, we encourage each student to complete an internship related to his or her field of study.

Kinesiology students have plenty of options. Whether they're majoring in kinesiology education,  exercise science, sports management, sports ministry or sports communication, we help each of our students find internship opportunities which will empower them in their careers.

Our students work with local schools, medical and fitness centers, sports teams, and children's clubs, as well as many other organizations. 


Varsity Athletics

Over 75% of LETU's Kinesiology students participate in one or more of our athletics programs. These programs allow students to compete in sports they love while receiving a great education. 

LETU's women's athletics programs include basketball, cross-country, soccer, golf, softball, tennis and volleyball. Men's athletics programs include baseball, basketball, cross-country, golf, soccer, and tennis. 

Visit the LETU Athletics website to learn more about programs or view upcoming matches.