Arts & Sciences

Wheels Project

LETU students have hearts for the world, and the Wheels team is no different. Their goal is to provide effective wheelchairs to disabled children in low-income countries.

Through research and collaboration, they're finding out which chairs work best in their intended setting. They're gaining valuable research experience and impacting lives around the world.

Read about Wheels in the latest issue of the Realities Magazine.


Welch Grant Research

Through the Welch Grant, students of our Chemistry/Physics department get a chance to work alongside faculty on some cutting-edge research projects.

Our teams are developing new antibacterial drugs, figuring out how to efficiently create biofuel, mapping the stars using radio waves, and researching the chemistry of our atmosphere.

Learn more about the Biofuels research team in the latest issue of the Realities Magazine.


Competitive Programming

Our computer science students prove competition isn't just for athletes. An LETU team took first place in regionals this year, earning them an invitation to the world finals in St. Petersburg, Fla., this summer! 

“LETU is the only undergraduate school in our region that has sent teams to the World Finals since 1993, when a team from Abilene Christian University was invited,” said Dr. Brent Baas, Chair of the LeTourneau Department of Computer Science. 

Check out the latest news release on the team's recent victory. 


Nursing Missions

Our nursing students have big hearts and big brains, and they're using both to serve people in need in developing countries.  

While traveling abroad, our nursing students use their skills to meet the holistic needs of children and adults. They've provided medical care and basic health care education, administered vitamins and parasite medicine and been used as monkey bars by local children. 

Check out the story on page 17 of a recent issue of Realities Magazine


Historical Study Trips

We want our students to experience history firsthand. We want them to see, to study and to understand the peoples of the world in a way only travel can do. That's why every spring, a group of our students travels abroad as part of a history course. 

History is so much more than textbooks, names, and dates. It's our story, our neighbor's story, our political and social struggles and the documentation of our growth as nations and peoples.

Books can help us understand, but we want our students to discover world history for themselves, and they do every year. 


Visual Literacy Research

LETU's Visual Literacy research began because other LETU teams had trouble creating instructional materials for people in other countries who weren't used to "reading" and interpreting visuals. 

The team traveled to Kenya and conducted weeks of research, resulting in the creation of highly-effective instruction manuals.

Since then, the team has broadened its purpose to researching the relationship between visual literacy and problem solving skills with the ultimate goal of applying the research to education.


Ministry and Missions Opportunities

Students of our theology department know that a big part of learning how to reach out to a world in need is by simply doing it, and we give them plenty of opportunities to do so.

All of our students can get involved in campus, local and international ministries while they complete their degrees, and it's part of the core curriculum for theology students.

Through study abroad opportunities, internships and much more, our students get the hands-on learning LETU is known for.